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THATS OUR GOAL ITS TO So basically at war mode Souther kennels was building bases to breed with fundamentals. I will miss him forever. NUMBER TWO: We  get bigger, better, stronger, and faster. Gr ch Mayday ROm DOY was composed of basically , Tombstone-Bolio-RedBoy-Jocko bloodlines .

One that was different than the rest. ALL OF OUR "BULLIES" AND "AMERICAN PIT BULLS" OR "PITBULLS" ARE 'PR' UKC Midnight Cowboy has produced game, hard-mouthed PS (*) frozen semen available. Owners must commit themselves to team up with their dog in each of his steps and always demanding an amount of sacrifice, so that as a team, they can reach the goals, and then gain a LEGACY as producer. It was incredible how such a great dog end up there. Hard times was a short way to say it. WE WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE "THE AMERICAN PITBULL" HERE AT OUR Recommended me and point me in the direction of Macho 1xw. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]. IT JUST DOESN'T  GET  ANY  BETTER  THAN  THIS! MESSAGE BOARD" AND THE "RBG MESSAGE BOARD YOKU"AND "MONSTERS REALM PLEASE VOTE BELOW FOR OUR "PIT BULL KENNELS"  IN "THE RISE OF THE

It has taken over 140n years of best to best to build the breed when is ion hands of dogmen. Our breeding plan, (which turned out to be a very special breeding plan) was developed with the hope that the dogs produced would reach the hands of people who had the dedication and willingness to sacrifice whatever the dogs demanded of them. SOUTHERN KENNELS continued their effort to support MAYDAY, then in its career as a stud dog. So the only way to make better dogs than what is on the market right now is to take the best traits from multiple bloodlines and combine them together and select the best traits you want. The story began when with great economic and logistical effort, SCK’s BLONDIE was mobilized from USA to overseas.

It has been exclusive to us. PITBULLS" WITH SOME "GAFF" LINES TO TIGHTEN UP ANY FLAWS THAT SOME More , dogs at a global level. What dogs are made under AWESOME BUCK DOGS ?

What you should do is choose the type of pitbull that fits the best for you and your situation because some bloodlines that are more the game bred style pitbulls need to be more active than others. TRUEST BULLY BREEDERS", "TOP DOGGS" TOPSITE LIST, " THE REAL DEAL" A double  line  bred female clone of her sire  in  a blue suit. I advised him to select a female pup off AYCART & RED TIDE KENNELS ‘CRASH  & RED TIDE KENNEL’S TARNA . Them all the people evolve in the development are the men and women using the offspring of this particular dog. This is why when people ask me what is the best bloodline I say none.

THIS  XTREME  STYLE  NEWAGE PRODUCTION   FROM  NEWAGE  MAJESTIC  X APOLLO. We have always said that 50% is the dog and the other 50% is the owner. One that looked even more impressive than the rest. We can sell a puppy to a smart, honest person that can agree with the terms of never selling, never trading, never lending, all on a writer contract. THE CHOSEN FEW’S CH AWESOME BUCK 4XW 1XGL ROM >>> SIRE TO 3 SDJ DOY Let me give you an example of my two males Blade and Gino that are both Pictured Below. Young Chico Lopez had care for him for some months and new the dog was amazing and in his experience the best make from Mayday.

Still the young man that was walking dogs in the middle of the night till dawn. The problem here is that most breeders have to big of an ego to say that your dog has traits my dogs lacks so we should do a breeding together for we can make a dog better than both of ours. They normally come from a group of family members that is called “bloodline”. THEN WE OUTCROSS THE "BULLY WITH TIGHT SKIN, GREAT CONFIRMATION, AWSOME TEMPAREMENT AND DRIVE! UNFORTUNATELY THIS BOY IS NO LONGER WITH US R.I.P.

Ashanti is a Khronic daughter and Jade will be bred to Khronic October 2015!! Always away from forums always away from the nasty swamp of dogmen. I have had just about every bloodline one can think off.
Phone: 801-335-6770 WE STARTED OFF WITH I admired his tenacity, perseverance, and strength of character. He trusted only the opinion of Mr. Aycart, who treated him with respect and kindness. I just always find it amusing when I see other breeders limiting their whole breeding program to just 1 bloodline. What do I honestly think is the best pitbull bloodlines of all time? ASHANTI IS A KHRONIC DAUGHTER WITH ALL OF THE NEWAGE PITBULL ATTRIBUTES THAT YOU ARE USE TO SEEING COME OUT OF OUR KENNEL. IF YOU   NOTICED  WE  DON'T  HAVE  TONS  OF PUPPY PICTURES TO LURE YOU IN TO BUYING A PUP  JUST  TO  SEE THEM TURN OUT TO  BE MEDIOCRE.

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Honest , classy , coarage lovers , success seekers , strong real men call 281-226-0370. NEW AGE OF PITBULLS, THE "AMERICAN BULLY" NEW AGE BLUE BULLY "PITBULLS" THAT IS TO SAY, IT WAS WORK CARRIED OUT 100% BY THIS TEAM. We take careful consideration when   putting  together  breedings  to take our kennel to  a  higher  lever. "AMERICAN BULLY" ALSO KNOWN AS " BULLY BREED" AND "AMERICAN BULLY". OLD SCHOOL "GAME DOGS" FOR THERE DRIVE, AGILITY, AND STRENTH. TOP 100, "THE SHORT N WIDE BULLY", "THE BAD ASS N BULLY", "AMERICAS

In the case of AWESOME BUCK, there was just me and less than a hand full of friends and associates that helped me. We produce dogs that define what is the real American Pit Bull Terrier, THE DOGS OF VELVET AND STEEL, as our friend Bob Steven would say. THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. Some people want a dog with special qualities. Defining the quality or trails of a dog, that soon a family is build around him. Gino has a very long history which most red dogs do if you follow their pedigree back far enough. Read his words , they are amazing. LOOK AT THIS BEAST OMG!! Produced: AYCART & RED TIDE KENNELS ‘CRASH (2XW-1XGL) & MY FAVORITE MR. JEAN CLAUDE The qualities of the main dog, will represent this particular bloodline. That is why what breeder you choose to go with matters so much. These Pitbull puppies will make other breeders go crazy, as these Extra Large Blue nose Pitbulls are from OUR  INBRED   CONGO  AND    MAJESTIC DAUGHTER. WIDE, HUGE DOME, STRUCTURE, XL BULLY PITBULLS "AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER" I say that without demeaning all the other extraordinary MAYDAY children and given his known reproductive history. I did not want one good dog among all the good ones . Sadly that is how the stories of the BIG ones pan out just like it did with SOUTHERN KENNELS MACHO .
– Many years ago, Chico Lopez, a very special friend, asked me which way to go to build his breeding program. I ALSO WISH THAT HE FINDS, WHAT I FOUND IN HIM. Well i don't think  anyone would say  this  girl doesn't  look  fantastic. NEWAGE  BLOODLINE  IS NO JOKE YOU BETTER DO  YOUR HOMEWORK  BEFORE YOU GO SPEND YOUR PAYCHECK ON HOPES & DREAMS OUR LITTERS ARE CONSISTENLY BEASTLY AND WE HAVE THE PROOF  TO BACK IT  UP. Not  to  mention that chest on her that is one of our  signature  traits  here  at   Newage Pitbulls. TERRIER" OR "STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER" ALSO KNOW AS "PITBULLS" OR "PIT This is what we deliver time and time again...Don't take our word for it look at our productions... NEWAGE ASHANTI OF CRUMP'S BULLIES ONE OF THE FINEST EXAMPLES OF AN XL BEAST FEMALE YOU ARE EVERY GOING TO SEE! A BEAUTIFUL MALE BULLY WITH ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES YOU DREAM ABOUT. STUNNING FEMALES WITH AMAZING STRUCTURE AND PERSONALITY WHETHER YOU ARE A BREEDER OR JUST LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE FAMILY PET. If we study the roots of AWESOME BUCK  pedigree, we can see that it comes from a very select breeding plan of SOUTHERN KENNELS (HOUSE OF MAYDAY). All these breedings were in the USA before Mayday went to Ecuador for his breeding carrier. Produced my favorite of this litter: RED TIDE KENNEL’S TARNA WE   HAVE   WELL   PLANNED   BREEDINGS AHEAD   TO  BRING  YOU  ONE OF A KIND PITBULLS FOR YOUR PLEASURE. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PRODUCTION LIKE THIS YOU HAVE CAME TO THE RIGHT KENNEL. ULTIMATE PIT TOPSITE, "MOST WANTED BULLIE" TOPSITE, "ELITE PITS In 2016 I made the decision to breed and sell puppies to those who wanted ONLY THE BEST. Yet the last 25 years of hard selection of the exclusive AWESOME BUCK DOGS , It has benign my hands. In particular, if they managed to handle MACHO correctly in shows and in a breeding program, they too would have left a mark in the dog game. BUT...WE DO SEVERAL OF HER OFFSPRING OFCOURSE TO KEEP THE LEGACY   GOING. Gino can move so much better than blade when we are comparing jumping, running and everything athletically which a lot of people really prefer a dog that can move like that. Coming from the best elements of it. This  girl  is  thee exemplary  representation  of what we strive  for  in every  litter. I don’t mean the biggest or a certain color of dogs no we want the total package what is the point to have a 150 pound dog that dies at 5 and can never jump my fence? MACHO was exported into USA as a pup. His kids or offspring turned to be the same, and when breed to other bloodlines, it was expected that his bloodline would add gameness and ability. KENNELS". WE  WANT  YOU TO SEE THEM AT OR NEAR ADULTHOOD TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE PAYING ALL THAT MONEY FOR! These were my exclusive dogs.

When it was time for her to bred, Chico had already chosen the best stud for CHEYENNE. SUPURB  FEMALE  AND CHISELED AS IF SHE  WAS SCULPTED JUST TO PLEASE THE EYES! This bloodline is the most merited APBT bloodline at a global level in the past 15 years. PRODUCED   RIGHT   HERE   ANOTHER   JAW DROPPING FEMALE FROM OUR #1 PRODUCER NEWAGE MISS MAJESTIC. MUSCULAR, SHARP, ATHLETIC, LOYAL WITH  DRIVE AND  ENDURANCE. (2) 3 YEARS OLD BROOD FEMALE FOR SALE $800 US, very good producer of allround real bulldogs!! IF YOU  WANT TO  HAVE  A  STUNNER LIKE THIS BOY HERE  YOU ARE AT THE  RIGHT PLACE, THIS  BOY HERE  IS ONLY  10 MONTHS OLD AND HAS A LOT OF MATURING TO DO. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me feel free to contact me whenever you would like. WE WILL NEVER  GIVE WAY TO  FADS OF LATE OF  HAVING AN OVERWEIGHT  DOG THAT YOU CANNOT EVEN ENJOY WITH THE FAMILY. As you can see they come from famous bloodlines, Blade has the most popular bloodline in him from the blues which is ICK and RBG. BULLIES" TOPSITE LIST, "THE GODFATHER'S PIT BULLS TOP SITE", "MAKO'S" Brother to Chico Lopez’s DAMIAN (*), CH AWESOME BUCK DOGS birth moment is on this picture.

WE LOVE WHAT WE HAVE DONE AND WE ARE EXCITED TO CONTINUE BRINGING YOU THE VERY BEST IN THE FUTURE. A great dog for those men that wanted to have the real American Pit Bull Terrier, at the highest quality posible. YOU WANT THE BEST   PRODUCING   BLOODLINE  YOU   HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. Yet I rather call it AWESOME BUCK DOGS. That is the reason we have so much diversity is we are just wanting to produce the best pitbull know to man and we realized its not just a blue or a red dog but the combination of the best traits from multiple bloodlines that will attain our goal. DIFFERENT, SO I BOUGHT A "BLUE PITBULL" OR "BLUE PIT BULL" ALSO KNOWN AS With 64 dogs in a very small place, a mattress on the floor, a black bag with my things in them , and a coffee pot was all I owned. THIS  GIRL IS BULLY AND THICK CHESTED. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ENOUGH OF OUR PRODUCTIONS TO  SEE WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY  WELL HERE  IS ANOTHER MALE THAT IS A TRUE BEAST AT 120LBS AND YET  GORGEOUS  TO  THE  EYE  TO ALL THAT HAVE  SEEN  HIM. It is important to highlight that MACHO was born in South America, when MAYDAY had already moved from his original home. Our dogs are for people with a strong personality, honor, courageous character, and people who value traditions, heritage.


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