coast guard 45 rbm manual
27, 2018. When the boat rolls 90 degrees (per IETM) 90-100deg (per Operator Handbook) or more the Roll Over Switch activates, reducing the engine RPM down to idle to prevent engine damage and minimize the amount of water that enters the engine room. This self right capability is accredited to the boat being designed with Buoyancy Chambers and a Counterweight design. - Eight 3 ½” bitts How many chocks are there and what size are they?

How many mooring bitts are there and what size? FOREPEAK-one 24” diameter watertight hatch. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. - 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.J.3) (Ref. 45 RB-M Operators Manual/IETM, Chapter 3.F.8) (Ref. – Zero thrust How do you shift control station? – Heat Sensors, Smoke Sensors, CO Sensors, Bilge Sensors, and Low hydraulic pressure. The sump pump is automatically activated by a float switch when condensate reaches a level of approximately 3”. The ECU/ICS converts the 120/240VAC into 24VDC which is then sent to the battery chargers. – Pilothouse and Survivor’s compartment. How are they wired? h“}Û aJ ‡ ˆ ‰ ´ 7 e Æ ñ 405-407) In the event of a capsizing the boat should self right in 8-12 seconds. Starboard side gooseneck is incorporated into the starboard railing, port side gooseneck is mounted on the port side of the lazarette buoyancy chamber. – The interceptors are much like adjustable trim tabs with the exception that when they are lowered they create more significant drag than a typical adjustable trim tab. – Survivor compartment, Aux space, Pilothouse, Engine room (activates when the temp in the space reaches 190deg. – 400lbs.

You turn stbd, the stbd interceptor lowers and does the same thing. Backflush – reverses the actual direction of the shaft/impeller (used for clearing lodged debris out of the inlet ducts) Do not exceed 1200RPM’s when backflushing. Though it may sound strange, the ECU/ICS then inverts 24VDC back into 120VAC which is then sent to the VAC panel under the chart table.

in the water around the boat Move boat into safer waters Crew and Engineer check all spaces for damage/flooding Notify Station Determine if it is safe to proceed with mission OTHER INFO THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW… How many LED deck lights are there? – The START Bank (port box) is for starting the engines and controls the second 24V panel “Engine Bus”. United States Coast Guard Mission Support Home. The RB-M is designed for multiple missions, including search and rescue; law enforcement; drug and migrant interdiction; and ports, waterways and coastal security. – RB-M Operators Handbook, pg. Supply comes from the two demister style vents on the aft of the pilot house and discharged by the exhaust fans on the aft bulkhead of the engine room out the vents on the lazarette buoyancy chamber. Where does the 12V panel get is power from?


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