click and collect ikea not working
I usually go twice a week, but it depends on the number of orders I have. Almost as if they don't want my money. I was going to order a windowsill greenhouse from ikea and use click and collect but why are they charging £9.95 service charge when delivery is only £3.95. There are two types of delivery options: Small Order Delivery and In-Home Delivery. It has already been one week since I made the order.

Absolutely appalling but.

Help with my Ikea issue. But you can’t log in because unlike any other site in the Internet Universe whatever IKEA account you just created for FAMILY account doesn’t hook up with whatever IKEA site you are now attempting to shop on. I placed an order for click and collect with a pick up time frame of this morning from 8:20-10:00. I have the email inquiries I’ve sent and I’ve documented the frustration on my blog in this post.Originally, I ordered the VIKEA AMON/ VIKA ARTUR desk on September 8 and have yet to see it. I expect 'click and collect' from Best Buy, from Joann's Fabric, from MOST retail channels now, and will not spend more than 15 minutes among other strangers who refuse to respect social distancing and masking requirements. Have your order confirmation number and valid government issued photo ID ready.

June 4, 2020 Amy Hirst Reply.

I’ve heard many friends complain about the same problem. So we created a free concierge service you can call at the phone number below.

This way I had absolutely no contact with any staff. two hours later and still not working.

Barely anyone there, which is surprising considering I was struggling so hard to get through with an order without that website. ??

We received a dresser that ended up having a tacky residue on some of the unfinished pine surfaces used for drawer sides. It will not take my “County” and you can’t get past the first address delivery page. When the delivery fees total over 50% of the merchandise costs and they tell you the items are not in stock in the stores when they actually are, it constitutes something worse than poor implementation of their website.

I am now offering delivery service from IKEA Frisco, TX to Oklahoma City. Do your website developers also work for the ObamaCare website?

Ikea 'click and collect' Birmingham outlet will not affect Coventry store The new scaled-down store will operate as an ‘Order and Collection Point’, marking a new type of outlet for the home. Arrgghh. Still thinking that this must be a website issue, I called Ikea customer service to inquire.

I’ve tried Chrome, Safarari, the Mobile version AND the App and every time I try to check out it fails to get past the address input stage. Already IKEA is announcing the 4.8% increase in same-store sales. I was desperate to order an item that came into stock that was being discontinued. I seem to never find one, even though i have the site on a 5 min auto refresh.

To be clear, the phone reps were all super nice and helpful, but the logistical end was just a complete nightmare. I tried reentering the form, I tried starting over from scratch, I tried a different computer, no luck. I am buying everything from ikea and the total cost of everything – about 7000 Euro. I finally was able to order my item last week Wednesday, but never received a second email saying it's ready for pickup. I thought there must be something wrong with the website, so I experimented with removing things from my cart, but the delivery charge didn’t change. I was consistently was able to login around 5am-6am and placemats order and pick a time for pick up.

This post was originally posted in 2007 but a check on Consumer Affairs show that IKEA online ordering and delivery is still a hit and miss. There is always an error, this time, it was “unable to save address!” whatever that means since I have an online account. I needed the number in there for a discounted item.

How do I return something for a refund to Ikea? Sigh…back to the store for me.

On the other hand, I'm genuinely mad that both of my local IKEA stores are both open once again for self-service, shuffling us through the labyrinthine maze of the store that requires you must complete the quest before exiting, not retracing easily. Were you able to get your items?

I never got an email saying my order was ready, and therefor did not pick up my order. No I do not feel like going to the store and getting it all myself. Let us know in the comments below. Something isn’t right here. Even emails you (for a small fee so we can keep the website up). It is past that, and still no refund. She then answered “I am sorry you feel that way”. I charge 25% of your total order. Nothing is ever in stock for me. So I’m waiting for my stuff to arrive, and eventually, I call and they say, “oh, sure you received an order confirmation, but that doesn’t mean anything.” ***Face palm***.

His suggestion was that I should order even more items than I had originally planned to buy so that the delivery cost per item would be less.


Its infuriating.

What’s the deal with 2 friggin’ separate site logins- one for IKEA Family ( Beware you get new member $25 coupon/code that doesn’t work for your online order!) My phone will not stop beeping telling me the order i have collected is ready. 2017 and the same IKEA website BS is STILL going on!!!

Lo and behold my order was there!


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