causes and effects of domestic violence essay
25 Physical abuse includes hitting, slapping, punching, choking, pushing, and other types of contact that result in physical injury to the victim. If children are exposed to verbal abuse such as throwing, damaging furniture, slapping, kicking and insulting words everyday, what will happen? Parents have to be aware that domestic violence has negative effects on their children and it is essential to respect the intimate partners. ", Free essay sample on the given topic "Child Abuse. The causes of domestic violence will depend on the abuser back ground such as: Witnessed abuse as a child, Was a victim of abuse as a child, abused former partners, and may be because of Unemployed or underemployed, Poverty or poor living situations. Our children are affected because they depend on us. The first cause of domestic violence is drug and substance abuse. In conclusion, domestic violence happens to anyone despite one’s age, race, sexual orientation, religion, and gender. Emotional abuse involves coercing of others, psychological abuse comprises of the use of fear, intimidation, and threats on one’s partner, while economic abuse consists of the act of making a partner financially dependent on one. Victims have … Moreover, such children interpret the use of violence as an acceptable method of expressing oneself. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Forced sex, even by a spouse or intimate partner with whom consensual sex has occurred, is an act of aggression and violence. However, neither those who experience domestic violence nor the partners who abuse them fall into distinct categories. Male victims rarely report their abuse because of fear of not being believed and because of their own embarrasment. The battered woman has been the symbol for this issue as far back as anyone can trace. About 97% victims of domestic violence is women (Binh 2011). Striking information shows that about 58% of women in Vietnam have been through at least one kind of domestic violence in their lifetime (UN 2010). ", Free essay sample on the given topic "Fahrenheit 451. 24 Book Review Domestic Violence Thesis Statement Thesis Statement Studies have shown that an increasing trend of domestic violence is being perpetrated in heterosexual households Many of these cases involve the male abusing the female, and the female actively attempting to maintain an outward appearance of normalcy despite the silent suffering. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! There are no facts to support that the failed economy is making more people violent, however what it has proven is financial strain increases the problem. Also, it affects others such as children who witness the violence by eliciting developmental and mental issues and pushing them to become abusers. The recession has deepened and the domestic violence rates continue to rise nationwide. Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects 1.

Consequently, when one grows up, they tend to use physical violence or economic violence on their spouses as a way of expressing themselves, enforcing their opinion and authority to attain submission. Cause and Effect of Domestic Violence 1 Each year in the United States, an estimated two-to-four million women experience serious abuse from a male partner and thousands are killed. ...Cause and Effect of Domestic Violence 1 Investigating International As a consequence of which most of the men keep on pulling this tradition even today. Last but not least, domestic violence has bad influences on kids as they grow up. Domestic violence is a serious problem globally with a harmful effect on family members more so women. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? As a result, the acceptable actions of punishing a woman ends up becoming physical and emotional violence. All work is written to order. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Victims

Computer Crime IX. According to Gender and Development Reseach Institute, 49.7% of families are broken up because of family violence (cited on Binh 2011).

However, women are not the only ones who suffer from the consequences of domestic violence. Domestic abuse often escalates from threats and verbal abuse to violence. Among three ways are two most common ones, namely physical and sexual violence. Gene Smallman All essays on domestic violence generally discuss the causes and consequences of abusive behavior on behalf of one spouse towards another. Linda W. Szumilo Causes and Effects of Domestic Violence. There are multiple reasons behind domestic violence that women go throughout their life. The physical form of violence is the most common one across many societies (Kenney 48). People don’t normally experience jealousy unless they feel threatened by another person or entity. ...Domestic Violence: A Deviant Behavior Therefore, men still beat women for unreasonable causes such as lack of money for drinking, losing gamble, etc. No cause of domestic violence, however, justifies the actions of the abuser, nor should it be used as a rationale for their behavior. Third, in Sexual abuse is any situation in which force is used to obtain participation in unwanted sexual activity. 52 (4). It involves physical, psychological, economic and sexual abuse as well as attempts to manipulate the victim through the use of his or her children. The tension-building phase includes increasing anger on the part of the abuser coupled with attempts by the person being abused to avoid violence. The Headmaster of the school, Mr Zia Keenan wants this issue to be analysed deeply in order to draw up solutions to minimize violence. Sacred Heart School is an education institution. A woman is tortured in the family in multiple aspects. Consequently, it leads to men misinterpreting cues and actions and interpreting them as interest for sex. Domestic violence is a repetitive assault and intimidating behavior that one uses against a spouse, a child, or intimate partner. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. The non-discriminative nature of domestic violence makes it occur among all persons due to various causes and resulting in multiple effects. If they have chances to express, they are possibly hit, spanked and punched. It could be considered as best essay to refer for writing other such essays.

clear pursuit policies. It could be physical ,emotional, sexual and economic .First, in physical abuse the abuser will use Witnessed physical force against the victim in a way to injures or endangers his or her or causes feeling of pain. The Problem with Gratuities For example Cause and Effect of domestic violence essay are assigned to the students as assignments. Their well-being depends on their parents. However, in the face of this problem, both Vietnamese government and citizens must join hands to relieve the consequences of domestic violence in daily life. Domestic violence is one of the major causes for emergency room, According to Roxanne Edwards, domestic abuse affects 3%-5% of current adult relationships in the United States, including more than 2 million women. Therefore, it is imperative that research continue to be conducted in order to further understand how being exposed to domestic violence will affect the child as they develop into adults. Academy, Madison Building, Room Assistant Art Director There are studies that state children exposed to domestic violence directly or indirectly tend to be affected emotionally as well as psychologically, have problems with concentration at school and tend to be involved in relationships centered on domestic... ...I. Although the vast majority of domestic violence cases reported have women as the victims men are also victims of domestic violence. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI What Causes Domestic Violence? Domestic violence can be defined in multiple ways. Cycle of violence: Violent events may occur in a variety of patterns-the victim may experience ongoing, nonstop abuse, or the abuse may stop and start. Third, family history of abuse can result in domestic violence. The abuser doesn’t play fear .Abuser use fear, guilt, shame and he wants to keep the victim under his or her thumb. According to ( “each year 2 million injuries and 1300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic violence”. Some countries observe gender roles of a man and a woman to be different that necessitate a wife to commit and submit to her husband. There are approximately 1500 students in this school, offering 8 different subjects. We browse the internet and came across a topic related to family violence. This essay explains how domestic violence can affect its victims and those who are witnesses to it. Second, emotional abuse is defined as any behavior that threatens, intimidates, undermines the victim’s self-worth or self-esteem, or controls the victim’s freedom.


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