case western md thesis
Initiative: Independently identify tasks to be performed and makes sure that tasks are completed. Adheres to professional ethical standards. The College’s approach to student assessment is based on two key educational concepts –“competency-based assessment” and “reflective practice.” Competency-based assessment emphasizes the need for every student to achieve the broad range of required learning outcomes by providing an appropriate curriculum, learning resources, and regular formative assessments. Students are expected to complete their research in one block of time. The other key component of the clinical curriculum in Years 1 and 2 is the weekly Art and Practice of Medicine Seminar series.

The MD thesis is written as a scientific paper and is reviewed by faculty members. Students are expected to choose not only their best examples of their work, but more importantly evidence demonstrating their growth across the year in specific competencies. The content of WR2, organized across biological systems, provides students with an integrated view of medicine and health and an understanding of how the basic sciences and clinical practice relate to one another. By the end of Year 2, students are capable of performing a complete history and physical and confidently evaluating adults with common outpatient problems. Linked with the summer research curriculum is a core curriculum in basic biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, and bioinformatics.

Using feedback from faculty and other students on their presentations and on the questions they ask of others, students begin to hone their communication skills and develop confidence participating as speakers in this setting.

The School of Medicine curriculum always has reflected the most current educational principles, practices, and knowledge. Dependability: Complete tasks promptly and well. Summative Synthesis Essay Questions (SSEQs), or exercises that measure what students know at specific points in their education, are closed book exercises with approximately 5 clinical vignettes that take an estimated 3-4 hours to complete.

This is "a single individual who is able to serve as an advisor/guide, developer of talent/coach, opener of doors/advocate, role model, interpreter of organizational or professional rules, protector, rule setter/boss - and carries on all of these functions on a long term basis.". A reflective essay is completed that links to pieces of evidence, accumulated throughout the block, to support areas of strength and areas for further growth that have been identified. Some aspects of the curriculum are coordinated through the societies. Applicants should complete this secondary application as instructed. Students work with a preceptor in an active clinical research environment on an ongoing project, continuing to develop their skills in building relationships with members of a research team. On alternate weeks, students practice the basic skills they just learned with standardized patients in the classroom by conducting histories and physical exams with real patients and writing chart notes on the previous week under the supervision of their longitudinal preceptors. Subject matter is integrated across entire biological systems, which permits faculty in the different disciplines to leverage teaching time to convey content and concepts common to their disciplines. Should not repeat information in the "Results" section. In the lab, students rotate among a number of stations using cadaver prosections to demonstrate anatomy relevant to the cases and radiological images such as 3-dimensional CT scans. 1. At the end of week 2, they submit a draft plan for their summer research project and review it with their preceptor to set the expectations for the summer. Through this 16-week, mentored experience in research and scholarship (which can be taken at any point from March of the second year onward), students acquire the intellectual tools needed to formulate research questions, critically assess scientific literature and continue the life-long pursuit of learning that is a critical aspect in the careers of all physicians and physician/scientists. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine offers a variety of PhD training options to suit every interest.

During the second summer, each student develops a similar relationship with an experienced clinical researcher who includes the student as an active participant in one or more ongoing research projects. Students spend 12 to 15 months during the last three years on their mentored research project, including preparation and defense of a masters’ level thesis. Utilizing a small group format, SAMI provides University Program medical students with an opportunity to practice patient care with direct observation and feedback from clinical facilitators.

For the remainder of Year 2, students return to the same organ-system based basic science curriculum they studied in Year 1, this time focusing on learning the pathophysiology of common diseases. Faculty design the SAQs so that students who are actively participating and studying should expect to know at least 80% of the answers; the individual results of the SAQs are available only to the students, but students are encouraged to contact the course director for help with any difficulties they are having.

Every student has an in-depth mentored experience in research and scholarship. These exams are designed utilizing test question resources available through the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME). Each of these clinical rotations is offered at all of the School of Medicine's hospital affiliates including University Hospitals of Cleveland, MetroHealth Medical Center and the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center.


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