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Jungkook Scenario : You Find Him Cheating On You (Part 3). I think I would love to propose to you.” He looked straight into your eyes, having a look in his eyes that told you he wasn’t joking anymore, and meant every word, making your heart skip a beat.

“U mean, he does know he would be participating in the program, but the person he would be marrying remains unknown.”.

Consisting of … Then you have Jigaemae, Jimin's personal manager (he told Jimin he won't be his personal manager anymore though xD), Then this manager, Hyunsoo, who performed with Jimin and Kookie. Please take a seat while I call him”. And your face and expressions demonstrated it, as your looked into the mirror. He gestured towards a really comfortable looking conference chair, and you took seat. Nonetheless, you were supossedly in a relationship with Jungkook.. until you found him cheating on you, 4 days ago, now you didn’t knew what were both of you. “Anyways, why do you ask that?. ‘Dawon really had interest on you.’ You guessed. Explaining everything as a spider that had an ant on it’s web. Dawon.. nochu, August 16, 2016 in Celebrity News & Gossip, "Hey guys. Your eyes popped out with surprise, an ’o’ forming in your mouth. BTS (Bangtan Boys) contact information (name, email address, phone number). It made your feel like a fool, and that people could take an easy advantage over you. Thank you Sejin-oppa, take care.”. I’m afraid that you would be leaving for Busan, as it is the home place of Dawon, so the van would pick you up today, two hours before midnight.” Suddenly, you felt as if your body had freezed entirely, and the anxiety that you had battled, had returned. Over the years, he has formed a close bond with BTS, and he’s often spotted looking after them at events. But for being patient all this time. Jürgen Klopp apparently #YouNeverWalkAlone. Let's be an even great team. Language: “However, he have to head quickly to the next program, that just Jungkook and Suga have been invited, it is going to be filming all through the night, and we have agreed on it for weeks, so we could not move it into another day..”, You felt your body freeze for a second time in this hour. Some of them are even worse, they have more greed on money rather than achievements. It haven’t passed long when you heard some footsteps approaching.

No but seriously, this is gold. Let's be an even great team. Of course you had heard about ‘We Got Married’, it was really a popular program in the Korean Television. He's indeed really awkward. To actually realized and declaring to whole world that he's indeed used BTS for his greed and ambition rather than playing a God's roles for them just because he has the right after creating this group. I guess each member has one manager that follow them around? You had agreed to meet at your favorite spot near midnight, as it was the only time available with his busy schedules. Namjoon when he was reading the letters got me real good.

Could you please give me a moment to arrange some plans?” You pursed your lips. Dawon?.. Sejin an bang shi hyuk I love how close they are, I couldn't wish for a better company to support my boys. And ah Sejin hyung.. if you remember their BIL showcase, it was my first time seeing him with BTS. “Miss Y/L/N, is everything alright..?” He asked leaning to look into your face, procupied.

fc? You quickly picked up your things and made your way into the elevator, thanking her. Both of you had been having a tickled fight on the floor, while giggling uncontrollably. You sighted, slumping into the comfortable chair. “Ah, Y/N-ah! “Please enter here.

Better called Bangtan as his supporter to help him reach their dream. “Hello?” A different voice from your boyfriend talked from his phone.

You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. I’m Sejin, BTS Manager!. Depression had consumed you for almost two days, until you had snapped out of it, realizing that you should give him another opportunity, due to the fact that he had demonstrated that he was truly sorry. As you were pressuring your back into one of the walls near the conference from you were just in, you quickly dialed the number of Jungkook, closing your eyes. It would be the first time you talked in the phone since what happened. The doors of the elevator opened, showing you the smiling face of a man in his mid thirties. He's indeed really awkward. Who would have thought that it would be the same guy that made your heart almost stop working, be found cheating with a girl he barely knew?-, “..Miss Y/L/N?. I'm not really talkative, so sorry that I couldn't say much.

Yoongi and Seokjin are happy to give him hands on proof that they disagree. “Manager-nim is waiting for you on the third floor.”. . Right now, you didn’t knew how to feel about the situation. Not sure about other staffs on bighit but at least these two are decent. I think only he is there manager as we pretty often see him with them all the time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Your outfit looked simple, however you felt the simple look highlighted your natural beauty. He did awesome as songwriter, lyricst, and producer some of his work is my favorite. The building in front of your looked really imponent and elegant, making you feel intimidated. i'm still in shock due to the fandom collision (seriously, i've been a liverpool supporter for over 15 years!) “Well, no. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. She was really attractive, and her eyes looked really sincere and warm. “Could you just tell him to stop?” The nonchalantly one told the other voice, you supposed. “..Okay.” The manager said, while aligning the documents in a vertical position and giving them a pat into the desk, then, he handed them into your desk area. “Miss Y/L/N, how are you? You hated being tricked on, even more than being betrayed.

That part really caught all my attention. “Sejin-oppa?” You asked, trying that your voice didn’t sound as if you were mad, but it probably did. - When Sejin said Bangtan took care of each other, that he dont have to be worried 'freeing' the boys cause they have each other, its another proof of how strong bonding that the boys have w/ each other. He pushed them really hard, and his relationship with them is not even close just like any other idol×small company producer. Your theories about his obligation to the company for your participation were now destroyed, if he wasn’t the one porting this, then who did it?. “How have you been?” “Well, well, Sejin-oppa. I'm really proud seeing you take care of each other. Somehow, you were still clueless about the reason of their proposition towards you. “Great, okay, so we need you to be kept hidden in one of the silence rooms, as we don’t want you to be discovered by any of the JXF members, they could tell Dawon who his wife is” He told you laughing, as he leaded the way out of the room, and into some corridors. There's another one who's older than Sejin, too. “ The man on the line answered joyfully, as you now recognized his voice as the kind older brother that BTS had as a manager. Now, after talking with the manager, you would meet him at your usual spot in your favourite cafe, at nearly midnight, the only hour he would be available, due to his new song promotions.

He clearly busy enough during that hour…. BTS booking agent, manager, and publicist contact info. The apparition in this new program would really sky rocket our popularity, well I mean, yours and of Dawon.” He mentioned while passing through the papers in the document file.


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