birdsong stephen and isabelle relationship
The sexist society Isabelle lives in demands that she be pure and show sexual restraint; Isabelle is unable to do this, and as such, she disrupts popular gender stereotypes and expectations.

Another way conflict is shown is surrounded around the industrial revelation, as Berard brings up that the factory workers ‘have called for a strike’. . Add a further (short) paragraph exploring another form of conflict which is portrayed in part one. Further conflict is presented in Isabelle as she starts her passionate affair with Stephen. After all, society has deemed them her responsibility and she is turning her back on them. He is in danger of losing his company due to cheaper foreign competitors, and because of this he resents Stephen.

MRI: Both feel that if something were to happen between them, neither would be able to stop.

Stephen is “uneasy” next to Isabelle because he senses that she does not love him as much as he loves her. As a woman, she is not allowed to choose her own suitors, and she is not free to follow her heart. Structure your answer above into thematic paragraphs, adding comment on Faulks’ intentions. Stephen and Isabelle settle into their respective gender roles; however, Stephen is highly educated, and he accepts a job that is below his station so that Isabelle can be near her family. With the help of a friend at work, she eventually decodes it and learns that her mother is Stephen and Isabelle’s daughter.

( Log Out /  In conclusion Part 1 has many representations of conflict as is shown in the inclusion of domestic violence, racial conflict and revolution at work. Remember to structure your work into thematic paragraphs in order to show a clear distinction between your interpretations of different ideas. Additionally, in the future, aim to include elements of AO3, such as today’s discussion of Marxism, and AO4, comprising your knowledge of the events during and before WW1 into your analysis. Because of its genre, themes and writing style, the novel has been favourably compared to a number of other war novels, like Ian McEwan's Atonement and those in Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy. Stephen's love of Isabelle transforms into a passionate affair. This event being referred to throughout part one of the novel suggests that this instant introduction to conflict sets a motif for the rest of the novel; conflict and devastation runs throughout. The ‘picturesque’ setting of Saint-Leu is in conflict with the ‘wild, overgrown’ nature of the gardens. Conflict is also presented through the character of Berard, as he makes racial comments toward Stephen due to his English Heritage. Also, her desire is in conflict with her morals due to Stephen’s young age and her social position so ‘she was unsure’ and also ‘he frightened her’ but ‘no one was ashamed’ and she wanted him to ‘demean, destroy, her fabricated self’. His avoidance is a form of self-preservation; if he doesn’t mention her, then he can’t be in love with her.


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