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While those are certainly nice and easy on the eyes, we wouldn’t classify the display as a critical feature. The R3 boasts an exceptional ability to detect radar and presents the threat posed visually. HIGHWAY/CITY/CITY 1 – Three modes for driving in Urban and Rural environments, with Audible & Visual Signal Strength Alerts, and Volume control. The brand name is renowned for its flagship products, the Uniden R1, R3, and R7, which have captured the hearts of many motorists. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings.

If you’re keen on kicking up your driving experience, the Uniden D7 is the way to go.

Check out out our full review for more details. The best and most advanced detector from Uniden proves its superiority with its range, dual antennas, sharp detection, and false positive filters. INVISIBLE – The DFR1 is invisible to VG-2 and Spectre I/IV/IV+ radar detectors. The super-wide detection capability sees the unit detect radar on the K, X, and Ka-band, which are the most commonly used by law enforcement.

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a commission. The cool design, the shiny black casing, and the generous display of the DFR7 radar detector make it an excellent car accessory. Speed Based Alerts – GPS enabled detectors know your speed, so they can lower sensitivity or mute themselves when you’re stopped or driving slowly. From its unique and colorful display system to its extremely long-range radar detention capabilities, it’s a worthwhile purchase. And for a good reason.

In addition to the highly advanced and colorful display, the R7 boasts an auto-dimming feature to keep the backlight off your eyes. But aside from these preferential things, Uniden R3 works awesome on the road. If you do a lot of driving and want to keep your driving record clean and spotless, you need the R3 radar detector. Its advanced K filter makes it a pretty reliable detector on the road. {Disclaimer} This post may contain Amazon affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Uniden DFR7 is also a very budget-friendly detector that has adequate features and above-average performance, so it is a hit for newbies and mid-level users. If you want a compass that badly, just buy one. RED LIGHT AND SPEED CAMERA ALERTS – Preloaded Red Light and Speed Camera locations with Free Database and Firmware updates ensures your detector will never be out of date. More important than general screen fanciness is its visibility and how it handles glare.

Equipped with great display, detection and K band filter, you would be getting a really good deal with this affordable device that's worth below $150.

Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector features a quiet mode to help you avoid the annoying false alert from stoplights and parking garages. The first one in the above-mentioned list of the best Uniden radar is one of the most popular and mostly sold flagship gadget, Uniden R3 Radar Detector.

Better yet, it comes with a bright OLED display screen that prominently displays the travel direction, signal strength, signal strength, and band name of all identified threats. Radar detectors with directional arrows will show you which direction that the radar detector signal is coming from.

A quick glance is all you need to see the kind of radar detected and their frequency to let you make a safe and informed choice. From its sturdy build to RDD invisibility, plus the essentials most are looking for in a detector (range, false filtering, speed camera alerts, voice notifications, and GPS capability), we deem Uniden R7 as the best detector ever made by Uniden. Uniden is one of the most prolific radar detector manufacturers in the country. Since the unit uses voice alerts, dimming the OLED display doesn’t leave you at a disadvantage.

You’re starting to see the problem. GPS TECHNOLOGY – Using GPS the R3 can remember and mute common false alerts (such as retail store automatic doors) along your regularly driven routes so you never have to listen to the same false alert twice. Other top performers from this stable include Uniden DFR7 and Uniden DFR8, and several more. It is also stealth to Spectre RDD outside 5 meters, rendering any driver almost undetectable. That lets you take in all the information you need at a single glance and keep your eyes on the road. Ultra-performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection with Voice Notifications, Advanced K Band Filter and Radar Band Frequency Display. Most detectors only have a front facing antenna, so getting a model with directional arrows should also mean you’re getting great rear range! While it doesn’t have a GPS feature, its advantage is its lower price point, compared to the first two featured detectors. DisplayYou’ll see some detectors with fancy, large, full color screens.

With GPS that detects red light and fixed speed cameras was added to the design, it delivers great performance and very reliable alerts. With the R1 you’ll get most of the features of the R3, including the Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which enhances range, accuracy, and authenticity altogether. Considering all aspects and features of the detectors, the R7 has proven its superior performance over its brothers from the brand. This improves your overall situational awareness. SUPER LONG RANGE SENSITIVITY – Wide Band Protection from All Radar and Laser Guns with Advanced False Alert Filtering. The CITY mode lowers the sensitivity on the K-band, while CITY 2 lowers sensitivity on K-band and turns off the X-band. Ultra-performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection with Voice Notifications. In terms of detecting radar bands, it performs sharply—rarely missing the most common bands used by traffic enforcers. Camera Database – A built-in, updateable list of the locations of fixed red light and speed cameras in the country. If your pockets aren’t as deep, the DFR7 and DFR8 are solid choices as they both come with impressive features. It features a generous display with several display settings with a customizable backlight.

GPS TECHNOLOGY – Using GPS the R7 can remember and mute common false alerts (such as retail store automatic doors) along your regularly driven routes so you never have to listen to the same false alert twice.

The DFR8 comes with a colored OLED display, similar to the one found in the pricier stablemates such as the R1 and R3. The range, or what some manufacturers term the performance of your detector, directly determines how much time you have to react to a radar alert. You can mark the risky areas on the unit and have it issue voice prompts as you approach the sections. You need to consider range, filtering and other key functions, decide which features you really need, and work within your budget from there. UNSURPASSED RANGE & SENSITIVITY – Industry Leading Performance with Advanced False Alert Filtering is THE choice for drivers who demand the highest level of protection against speeding tickets. It offers the longest range out of any windshield mount radar detector, period.

You’ll have the option to mute the alerts for a peaceful drive ahead. No radar detection conversation or debate can conclude without the name Uniden cropping up or just hogging the entire discussion. The DFR8, which is an improved version of the DFR6, features a stylish compact chassis, making it less bulky than its predecessor. In fact, the R3 has a longer range than most of the more expensive brands such as Singer VIP and Redline. Band filtering is also possible with this device, plus a display that gives clear and accurate details. The only thing that we believe can be improved is the backlight of the buttons facing the front, as well as a possible handy “auto-dimming option”. Getting this model would lift a giant worry upon the shoulders of any driver, especially those who reside in the city. However, the unit remains sensitive to Ka-band and laser regardless of the selected mode. The price might be a tad on the higher side, but it’s jampacked with features that make the unit worth every penny. Couple the lightning-fast processing power with multidirectional detection capabilities and superb long range and you’re set for a superior driving experience. Hailed as a top-end radar system, the Uniden R1 is the perfect travel companion whenever you get behind the wheel. Aside from the long and accurate detection capability of this detector, drivers would love its intelligent filtering system that ensures quiet rides. The bright OLED display indicates battery voltage, speed, radar frequency, and time. FilteringThis one may be listed second, but it’s just as important as range. Uniden R1 radar detector features a powerful processor that analyzes the signals in your vicinity. It displays the radar band and frequency as well as signal strength in various colors to indicate proximity and level. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. The Uniden DFR6 (fully reviewed here) is very convenient to use as well, with its bright OLED Display with radar band frequency monitor and a signal strength meter. The built-in GPS function lets you save up to 100 false alert locations. Ultra-bright Color OLED display. Micro USB Cord included. We’re a news & analysis website covering anything related to cars, cars accessories and driving. Since the unit detects speed cameras as well, it’ll help remind you to abide by traffic laws. The R3 is a top of the line Extreme long-range Radar and Laser Detector with built-in GPS. It’s the best radar detector under $300. The following are several nice features that are enabled by GPS, but please note that not all GPS enabled radar detectors support all of these features. It also provides great protection from RDDs, as it is invisible to VG2. William Johnson is the owner and founder of Find Support for Your Product. If you’re going to buy a radar detector, get one that you can trust. Carrying Case Included. UNIDEN R7 Laser/Radar Detector ships with a multitude of accessories, including a DC power adapter, double suction brackets, programming cables, an in-built USB jack, and a travel case. The farther away it can detect the radar, the greater the range. Micro USB Cord included. See our in-depth review of the DFR9: Performance / RangeWe’re going to start with the hard one: range.


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