best load for 7mm remington magnum

Since then, slower-burning propellants have been introduced that produce higher velocities in the 7 mm. While there are a tremendous amount of good factory loads available for the 7mm Remington Magnum — it remains on the Top 10 list of most ammunition manufacturers — the true flexibility of the cartridge comes by handloading for it. Good bullets make a definite difference as well: For deer-sized game I like the Sierra boat-tail Game King, Hornady InterLock and the Swift Scirocco II — especially if shots are closer, as the bonded core will reduce premature breakup and meat damage.

I snuck a little closer. 3100 fps from a 26" barrel. 7mm Rem Mag loads for Long Range Shooting. Availability: Finding ammunition is always a consideration, as in the case of your baggage getting separated from your rifle case. This leaves the datum line alone, leaving the chamber dimension from base to shoulder, while allowing the body diameter to be resized for ease of feeding. 13 and No. My first centerfire rifle was a used Winchester 670 30.06 (Old Ticklicker) that I bought in Nebraska in 1977. The elk hunters I associate use a variety of calibers, including a .338 Winchester Magnum, 300 Winchester, .270 and 7 Mag. They had walked and foraged near the top of the blowdown and finally bedded down. The 7mm Remington Magnum is capable of pushing 160-grain bullets to 3,000 and even 3,100 fps, which makes it an excellent choice for deer and antelope hunting. As a result, crimping the 7mm Remington Mag. I shot an Idaho mule deer at 192 paces a few years back. The higher BC of that bullet resists wind deflection, and that’s always a good thing for distant animals in open country. Yochran Private. punched clear through elk, while 180-grain bullets from my .30-’06 Sprg. Varmint hunters will appreciate the accuracy and performance of the Nosler 120-grain Ballistic Tip, Speer 110-grain TNT HP and the Hornady 120-grain V-MAX. when my dad was a kid and that was the hottest cartridge around, alot of guys were shooting 130 grain bullets at deer at close range...bullets however were not as good back then (70's) as they are today. Which load would you most reccomend for a 7mm Rem Mag? I prefer the 160- to 162-grain bullets for most applications and at reasonable distances. If you have a 7mm Rem Mag and want to begin handloading for it, I’ve included a chart of some of my favorite loads. Its popularity has been continuous for the past 57 years. They also have the advantage of being thrown from a powder measure with very little weight variance. Shooters have beaten the 7mm vs. .308 argument to death, with both camps having viable points. Recently I have been looking for some “Legacy” rifles to prep for handing down to Grandchildren hunters. Select spherical powders were used to develop handload data. E-mail your comments/questions about this site For questions/comments about American Rifleman magazine, please You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Rifleman, visit for more information. At one backwoods store in Idaho, I checked for ammunition. There was almost a 4.0-grain variance between cases with the least capacity (Remington) and those with the largest capacity (Winchester). (I grabbed the wrong box of cartridges out of the truck, and had meant to use a 160 grain Speer Grand Slam!) Performance has been good to excellent. Bullets could include Tipped Triple Shocks, Nosler Accubond, Nosler Partition, Trophy Bonded, Swift Scirocco, etc. Mag. At a near-maximum load of 63½ grains, we obtained sub-MOA accuracy and a muzzle velocity of more than 2,800 fps. Being a “seasoned” hunter, I am naturally drawn to classic knives and firearms. But I couldn’t walk west. My annual fall sight-in is a ritual that is probably not necessary and it generally takes three shots. Learn how your comment data is processed. This 1996 Idaho elk hunt featured deep snow and slippery mountain roads. 168 Berger classic hunters or some of the 175-180 options are where I’d look. (My fluorescent vest was removed for the photo.). Opening day 1990, somewhere in the Idaho backcountry.

In short, recoil in manageable for most people. After this hunt, I decided I needed an all-weather rifle. If velocities are exceeding expected velocities then that particular rifle is producing greater pressures. Besides, the plan was to move out West and hunt big game, so obviously, I needed an elk rifle. Too much gun? Once you see the variance between SAAMI specification and the actual chamber, Redding’s Competition Shellholders can make up the difference. My old friend, the late Bill Jordan, was one of the world’s finest shots with handgun, rifle and shotgun. NoslerCustom cases were used to develop the accompanying data and are weight sorted, fully sized, trimmed, primer pockets uniformed and ready to load. Rifleman Q&A: What Is an M1 Carbine 'Rigger' Pouch? This yaw usually “settles out” or fully stabilizes, wherein the bullet’s tip and the base are on the same axis, at around 100 yards. It holds its zero with monotonous  regularity. For hardcore hunters, the preparation can provide as much enjoyment as the actual hunt. Pet Loads and Handloader are registered trademarks of Wolfe Publishing Company. Can't wait to take my 7mm mag out to 1 mile+ for the first time in a month or so. The 30.06, the gold standard for hunting rifles IMO, and the 7 Mag both recoil over 20 foot pounds of recoil energy. cartridges. Mike has used that load on everything – deer, elk and antelope. Choosing that bullet weight was an attempt to duplicate the 180-grain bullets we had loaded in our .30-’06 Sprg. Today is loaded with many additional bullet weights. Sniper’s Hide Advance Marksmanship Unit. 140 gr 7mm rem mag load recomendations. I also have decide on the target size at a mile and how much I intend to torture myself in that regard. The 7mm Remington Magnum is capable of pushing 160-grain bullets to 3,000 and even 3,100 fps, which makes it an excellent choice for deer and antelope hunting. Almost without exception, the lowest extreme velocity spreads (often very impressive) and best accuracy were observed with maximum or very near maximum charges. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. Timing was perfect, as both were conducive to period trends by U.S. shooters and hunters, and sales soared. I knew my 7 Mag (Remington 700 in 7 millimeter Remington Magnum) could drop that bull in its tracks. With a case capacity of 82 grains of water — depending on the brand — the 7mm Remington Magnum will usually run best with a slower-burning powder to take full advantage of the velocity potential of the case. Sniper's Hide Reloading . In 2001 Remington introduced the large capacity, beltless 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum (RUM) based on a modified .404 Jeffery case, which was followed by the 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum based on the same case but shortened to correspond with .308-length actions. Life was less complicated when all I owned was a .30-'06, a 4 x Leupold, and was content with a factory box of Federals on sale. factory loads in Remington’s Anniversary Edition rifle. But when we read handloading manuals in the break room we discovered that 7 mm 150- and 160-grain bullets more closely matched the ballistics and sectional density of .30-cal., 180-grain bullets. Please don’t jump into the deep end of the pool; as with any data, consult a reloading manual and work up from the bottom, stopping at any pressure signs. A variety of powders work well in the 7mm Remington Magnum. Those somewhat lighter bullets still carried enough weight for deep penetration. Page, the magazine’s gun editor, took more than 450 heads of game with his 7mm Mashburn Super Magnum, a custom wildcat cartridge. for premium loads. Expanding monolithic bullets have gained much popularity among big-game hunters in recent years, such as the Barnes TSX, TTSX and MR-X. It should be noted that cases from Remington, Winchester, Federal, Hornady, Norma and NoslerCustom were checked for water capacity.

I whispered “Bang” and then eased back into the timber. Off  the bench, the rifle shot a witnessed 3/8-inch, three-shot group with 162 grain Grand Slams. The 7mm Remington Magnum was introduced in 1962 along with the new Remington Model 700. The 7mm. Yup. Varmint hunters will appreciate the data developed with the Sierra 100 grain, Speer 110-grain TNT HP, Nosler 120-grain Ballistic Tip and Hornady 120-grain V-MAX bullets. Loading The Original “Big Seven”To start the reloading process I shot three 7 mm Rem. Flat shooting: I sight in all my centerfire rifles to group three inches high at 100 yards. As the load table shows, they shot well; four, five-shot groups averaging as tight as 1.16 inches at 100 yards with velocities in excess of 2,900 fps using 160-grain bullets. Reloder 23 is temperature insensitive, making it a great choice for a hunter like Frank, who may find himself in the Rockies for elk in knee-deep snow or sitting in a leopard blind in the African heat. Manageable recoil: A hard-kicking rifle may quickly teach you how to flinch and jerk the trigger. This is excellent accuracy for an off-the-shelf rifle that has not been accurized. Dinner, made in a Dutch oven over coals,  is over, libations have been served and the hunting stories start. But in 1985 I bought a chronograph. The thing shoots like a …


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