bed swing rope knot

Depends how long your ceiling joists are.
Now you can easily adjust the height of your swing by moving the carabiner along each chain link.

I am going to make a twin mattress swing. If you are concerned about the capacity of the screw as I was, since I was attaching to a cedar (weaker than framing lumber) pergola, then it has to be 4. FREE Shipping. Thank you for the swing instructions. ***If you are purchasing these ropes with our swings, please give us the measurement from where the eyebolt will go in your ceiling to the floor, and we will use that measurement to calculate the total length of rope needed. Your Shopping Cart will be saved with Product pictures and information, and Cart Totals. Can I hang it at 4’ across? We are concerned about the weight, our ceiling joists are 2×6. I don’t think there would be a problem doing that, but ten foot sounds a little long. Hello. So you need to keep the rope from slipping through the eye hole. © We are considering hanging it from four eye screes(in joists) in the ceiling.

The only thing I could suggest is using a crib matterss fitted sheet.

Any recommendations? Great plans, thx. Hooks for hanging (either two hooks or four hooks) are not provided and must be installed by purchaser. I have the same issue – I put them eye screws in on each side 6 inches from each side (2 per side) and about 1.5 inches up from bottom. You should also try to keep your swing at least 24 inches aways from any walls to avoid hitting the walls. also tried a twist and that worked as well. Repeat this step for the other hole on the same side, and make sure the knots are snug against the bottom of the swing. Knot & Rope Supply offers sizes from 1/4" to 2" in diameter, all sold by the foot.

Hi, This will taper the ropes in – but if that is what it comes to do you think it will be okay? Hooks of your choice and corresponding size drill bit to pre-drill hole (customer is responsible for purchase of hooks, however, here are a few choices that we recommend). It is actually to meant to make a crib mattress into a dog bed! We want to hang it with 4 pieces of 3/4 inch rope. No problem about the weight on the pergola as it’s super strong, but just wanting to ensure that we are hanging it safely and without risk of it being too heavy.

We have a twin size bed swing coming. I wish I could have done ours that way. This is a great find for us and a great product. But if you find that there is still some roughness after applying a coat of stain, you could always go over it again with some fine sandpaper. Getting ready to build. Whether you want a two or a four point hanging system for your bed is up to you! I read where Henry liked the method of the crib mattress to hang instead of the eye screws. . Yes, it’s the same process. This will distribute the weight better, and it should still be able to swing just fine.

What type of knot d ok you recommend using hanging the swing. 4.9 out of 5 stars 19. I bought the mission oak stain but it seems so much darker then what appears here. What do you use for the cushion covers?

Once you have your locations for the eye screws, drill pilot holes for each one.

Thanks! Hi Henry, we are having issues getting the eye screws in.


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