awd em2 civic

Let us be the class 101 for your automotive learning. Well this is where the story takes its turn. All Rights Reserved, For the latest Automotive news and stories visit the websites below. These DC Covers deliver the utmost in rigidity & Strength for Race applications. These DC Covers deliver the utmost in rigidity & Strength for Race applications. I give myself a 60% chance of pulling this off and having all the systems function perfectly just as they would if Honda themselves built it. Months pass by with no luck on the donor. Specs : Long & Short OEM Style Axles; Additional 3/4″ added to the length of both axles; Provides better axle fitment with your custom welded differential mount ; Not intended for HCP Diff Mount Kit – For HCP Spec Rear Axles >>CLICK HERE<< Compatiblity. Aftermarket 8620 Billet AWD transfer cover that delivers the ultimate in high performance.

PPG 1-4 Helical & Straight Cut Gears. Made from aerospace grade billet material and CNC machined on state-of-the-art 5 axis milling machine. Terms Of Service | Privacy Policy | Wish List | My Account | Forgot Password | Log Out. Designed to fit the 88-91 RT4WD Differential. In 2005 it got a 3.5L motor rated at 305 horse and Acura’s newest technology marvel they called SH-AWD, but it was only offered with an automatic transmission. I figure with clean running cars going around $3,000 and clean swapped cars going around $4,000 a non-running shell shouldn’t be more than $1500.

This is when I finally wise up and change my strategy. On a good note, I give myself a 100% chance that at the end of all this I will at least end up with a running v6 swapped car with AWD that maybe is engaged the entire time with no fancy vectoring and yaw control sensors controlling it. Our rear mounting brace is designed in a way to follow the factory subrame brace contour unlike aftermarket subframe braces. This contains everything you'll need for your swap from start to finish. google_ad_height = 600; Works with B, K, H, F & J Series engines. Our rear bracket uses the factory AWD transmission rear mounting points providing the additional support needed to reduce impact of the AWD load on your drivetrain components. Now I should add that I realize there are some Honda guys right now thinking: “Man if this guy came and saw my car he would be blown away how clean it is”, but ask yourself what you would sell you car for. Note : This product is NOT bolt in and will require bending and welding to install.

All of these vehicles are covered in the tech, maintenance and repair articles found above. There were several EG civic hatchbacks for sale that were in INSAINLY MINT condition and the owners also wanted INSTAINLY STUPID money for them. I started researching how to ship a non-running vehicle and while it can be done, it does still need to be able to roll and it is very expensive. I just wasn’t interested in doing bodywork and paint, and I also wasn’t interested in doing such a labor-intensive build on a civic that was going to look like trash afterward, so I keep endlessly searching. The Hub City Performance AWD K-Series Rear Bracket provides additional engine and transmission rigidity when converting your Acura or Honda to AWD.

The Hub City Performance AWD K-Series Rear Bracket provides additional engine and transmission rigidity when converting your Acura or Honda to AWD. Weld-in front differential support brace included. 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback (EG hatch). NOTE : This is not a fully bolt-in kit and requires welding and fabrication. The flip side of this coin, have the 335/30/18, 60 tread wear Corsa track tires on the car and it would corner like nothing you ever felt, but could spin its tires no problem all the way to 100 MPH. Be the first to review “Rear Differential Mounting Kit (AWD EP3/RSX/EM2)”, B Series Billet AWD Replacement Transfer Cover, K Series Billet AWD Replacement Transfer Cover, 88-91 Civic Wagon AWD Rear Axles (+.75in). I decided I wanted to ditch the entire factory suspension and A-arm design and instead go with double wishbone A-arm suspension from the rear of a Miata. Thank you for showing the REAL easy way, and saving me some money.”   Joe S. “Hello there,


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