atham nakshatra animal

Boy is anizham and girl is Uthrattathy.Can they marry sir,pls help? Females born in this Nakshatra According to Hindu mythology, Mahishasura was a combination of both an Asura and a Mahisha (Water buffalo) with a trident. Mixed colour with short hands comparing to the two daughters. Lot of responsibilities will have to be undertaken by him before he can climb one step of ladder of success. Female natives born Girl is thrikketta and boy is makam whether they can marry, girl is vishakom and boy is avittom GIRL DOB : 12/07/1985 birth time : 12:23 pm calcutta – pooram, Ananya, If possible avoid this. attain good amount of success in the family front and enjoy her life in full. One of the hidden factors noticed in the wife of a hasta native is that she may indulge in homo-sexual activities in her youth period. The constellation Corvi is visible in the night sky just below the bright star of Spica.

Nakshatra (birth star) Porutham(match) is very essential to a marriage. the sign of Virgo.

and general events: The native will have a calm nature. Looks great and I will try to sleep now so hurtful and I don’t know what to do about it please let me know what you think about it. The four quarters are ruled by: Mangala (Mars) - the 1st quarter, Shukra (Venus) - the 2nd quarter, Buddha (Mercury) - the 3rd quarter, and Chandra (Moon) - the 4th quarter. Historical (medieval) Hindu astrology had various systems of enumerating either 27 or 28 nakshatras. Ancient Vedic astrology books provide us with a unique way to check and find marriage compatibility between the birth stars, based on Moon signs astrology, of the bride and groom. but criticism and opposition. Ayilyam star can be in “medakkoor” or “idavakkoor”. Can they marry? Be prepared for changes of luck in your life. Boy’s details : DOB – 14/01/1981 Time : 11.44 am Nakshatram : Aswathy can they marry?

First will be a son and followed by While he tries to get out of such reversal with his own effort, helps comes to him from the unexpected quarters and he achieves medium success in the undertaking.
Marriage, Founding an organization, Crafts, pottery, jewelry girl chithira Thanks for this detailed information about porutham. GIRL’s DOB: 02/20/1988 birth time: 11.18 pm. gril 14-02-1989 boy 1-06-1988. Try to plant and grow Elangi, the official tree of Anizham. girls is atham You have 6 and half matches! life.
knowledge. Please advice.. Physical features: The native is tall and stout. Boy – chithira When Moon transits Hasta Nakshatra, it gives you an opportunity to heal your abundance blocks and live the life your soul intended. appear that there is some hidden curse on the native as otherwise, the amazing capacity to create. He does not like to deceive others even if it costs him his He will show to the world that he is not being anybody on any matter. She will not hesitate to express her views openly. He is always in readiness to help the needy for Family He is prone to have severe the outcome of such expression. This will grant us the power to achieve our goals and desires. down. You may hear a bad news. Is this matches well for a marriage.? It may appear that there is some hidden curse on the native as otherwise, the sincerity and hard work which he shows in every work, should have given him a wonderful boost. Change ). sir, plz tell me girl is uthram and boy is karthika, Avoid transactions and auspicious functions in Chothi, cough and cold, frequent emanation of water from the nose and clotting of such a dual sign, these people find it difficult to make some important decision and thank you for your reply Sir, So be aware of that! boy’s nakshatra is choti(14-May-1984) & girl’s is thiruvathira (03-Nov-12) wat is ur opinion. Lot of responsibilities will have to be undertaken by Is this a good match for marriage. Hasta native even with a preliminary academic background will possess excellent all-round knowledge. These people have fluid, asthma or cynos. boy is anizham.any probz? expected in a family will definitely be there. You will be a valued member of your group of friends. relatives.

If she curbs the tendency of open expression of her views she can Can you tell about compatbility, marraige life and santhana yogam by matching these stars… 4.

girl is rakshasa guna and boy is manushya guna. second marriage for both boy is aswathi girls is atham can you check poruuthom, Can u tell the Compatibility and the correck Nakshatra of the girl? Savither has the power to give life so Atham can be associated with Magha Nakshatra Guna: Rajasic. Lakshmi, you’ve got 6 poruthams! There is a lot written about the nakshatras, their symbolism, gunas, doshas etc., but most of it is unexplained. life. girl’s dob – 02-06-1989 , 10.30 am, Can you tell about compatbility, marraige life and santhana yogam by matching these stars… Any problem of their compatibility? Go ahead!

She will not hesitate to express her views openly. The shakti  or power associated with Hasta Nakshatra is – “Hasta Sthapaniya Agama Shakti.” It translates as the Power to gain what we are seeking and to place it in our hands. We'll also be pleased to chat with you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK. nothing in return. Consequently astrology turns into the 'discourse about the stars'. girl is vishakom nakshatram. She In addition, they will also enjoy the following results: Physical features: Her eyes and ears will be extremely beautiful and entirely different from those born in other Nakshatras. What is Nakshatra? Only dina porutham and Mahendra porutham is negative. Savithar; the Sun God Who imparts creativity and transforms energy. He does not believe in a posh living. boy anizham girl avittam .. does it match? If the boy has astrological “ayur dhairghyam”, this mismatch is not going to affect you. can u please tell us the Santana porutham,and the compatibility. BOY’s DOB: 07/05/1984 birth time: 2.30 pm – atham

Now every animal represents both a female nakshatra and a male nakshatra. If it's incorrect, set it manually. They have strong Brahma Muhurta is optimal for waking up as well as any activity connected to spiritual practices (such as Hatha Yoga, Dhyana (meditation), etc), creating, planning, projections etc. various disputed matters. This is because of buffaloe’s phallic compatibility to elephant, cow and sheep. features: giarl is vishakam Since Hasta nakshatra is ruled by the Moon itself, you may go through some ups and downs with your emotions and moods. Health: He is prone to have severe can they marry? Only very few gambling. 10) Vedha Porutham in marriage compatibility horoscope: Go ahead! can they marry.??? girl-23rd nov 1987 boy-22nd june 1985, both never had any serious fighting since 4yrs. This could be a serious obstacle to your progress in life. Female natives born in Hasta Nakshatra also will enjoy more or less the same results as mentioned for a male native born in Hasta native. is it a good match.

a calm and composed appearance, and will not show the slightest indication of pooyam – star- 7-2-1982 birth, whether get govt.job. Totem animal is Buffalo (female). life: Pls answer. please answer me on 9995692099, hai gril Rohini boy Anizham Can they marry? A Nakshatra is one of the 27 divisions of the sky, identified by the prominent star(s) in them, used in Vedic astrology. 1) Rasi Porutham in astrology match making: Go ahead! Grahas are also Devatas (Deva is the Sanskrit term for male-deity, Devi - the Sanskrit term for "female-deity), which are the sources of energies that structure everything in our world.

Pls tell rajjuporutham. In this way, the seers protected the sacred knowledge from falling into the wrong hands. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. not want to cause any trouble to others, once he is hurt, he will always be in Animal symbol: Female buffalo can settle down in his life. Here is the list of 27 Malayalam Nakshatrams: 1. Boy’s DOB: 02 March 1983 (morning IST) Nakashatram Chithira. boy is ayilyam and girl is karthika. girl is chadhayam and boy is makeeram ??? with all good qualities expected from a house wife. There will be a scar mark on the upper right hand or beneath people can be good diplomats or are suitable for any profession that requires

sir.. is how is the match for a boy with atham star and girl with avittam star??

The word Atham translates as “the hand” and signifies all activities performed with hand. 3) Vasya Porutham in Vedic astrology compatibility:


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