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After that, she went to the United Kingdom for graduation. Since childhood, she wished to become an engineer and that’s why she did her bachelor degree in engineering from the United Kingdom. The occasion is Dussehra and along expected lines, feminists are out in numbers in their attempt to prove that Ramayana, the tale of Maryada Purushottam Rama, reeks of misogyny. She was born in Chandeni village in the Haryana state of India. The Hindu spreads fake news about China occupying new regions in Pangong Tso just a month after making money by publishing Chinese propaganda, ‘Mujhe maara gaya hai’: Arnab Goswami says through the police van’s window while being taken to the Alibaug Police station, AAP, Congress leaders and supporters cheer as Arnab Goswami is assaulted by AK-47 toting Mumbai Police, “Attack on free press WILL BE OPPOSED”: Home Minister Amit Shah tweets after Arnab Goswami is assaulted and arrested by Mumbai Police, Mumbai Police team led by encounter specialist Sachin Vaze reportedly assaults Arnab’s minor son, in-laws, carried AK-47 to arrest him. Samya Arzoo’s nationality is Indian and follows the Islamic religion. Fact Check: Did France cancel travel visas of 183 Pakistani citizens after “Imran Khan’s criticism”, Fact-check: Is BJP-led govt putting Hindu gods and goddesses in Constitution without informing general public. Rahat Kazmi 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures. Now, it appears, Newslaundry has gone one step further and attempted to use the statements by a Pakistani ‘intellectual’ to attack Arnab Goswami and Republic TV. She was born on 15 September 1995 in Chandeni village located in the Haryana. After that, Samya Aarzoo did a job at Emirates Airline in Dubai as a flight engineer. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar gave an exclusive interview to OpIndia wherein he spoke on a range of issues such as Bihar elections, relentless hounding of Republic TV, environment woes in Delhi and many others. Say it with me: It is the Hindu festival season that has brought the economy back on track. Read the details here, Aarzu Kazmi, stop funding hate, arnab pakistan, arnab goswami on pakistan, pakistanis on arnab show, Mumbai Police marks 1.5 lakh Twitter accounts for posting ‘defamatory content’ against state govt, initiates legal action, “Pig head in mosque in France?” Controversial Turkey Muslim group cries ‘Islamophobia’ over unconfirmed reports in Turkish media, Arnab Goswami arrested: Mumbai Police physically manhandle Republic TV chief at his residence, drags him to police station, YouTuber Nizamul Khan kills girlfriend’s brother Kamal Sharma after he opposed their relationship, arrested: Read details, Tagore International School makes Hindu girls wear Hijab and spread message of Islam, after it had brainwashed children about Hadiya Love Jihad case, FIR and 65 crore defamation notice against publication, that cheered hounding of Republic TV, for reporting about Sharad Pawar-family owned paper, Rajdeep Sardesai comes as knight in shining armour for anyone who needs a platform to clarify after goofing up, “Vendetta politics exceeding all limits”: MoS PMO Dr Jitendra Singh condemns Mumbai Police assault on Arnab Goswami. Samiya Arzoo is a born-Indian and Pakistani resident. While several viewers principally do not want Pakistani panelists to be invited because they do not want their vile hatred to find an audience in India, Newslaundry seems to be more bothered about the “hate” that the Pakistani panelists receive at the hands of Arnab Goswami.

Pakistan cannot threat or force Saudi Arabia for anything: Arzoo Kazmi, Pak journalist. She rose to fame after her marriage with Pakistani cricketer Hassan Ali in Dubai. As can be seen, the questions are extremely leading and there is no proper way to answer these questions. Shekhar Gupta’s The Print slanders the Gita while justifying Islamic verse advocating violence against Kafirs: Here is how they are out of their mind, Dear Maneka Gandhi, attempts to curb animal sacrifice is a direct assault on Hindu Dharma and it is time to stop such efforts. The Print, headed by the former chief of Editor's Guild, published an article on Monday that could only ever be interpreted as apologia for Radical Islam. Netizens fell for the tweets, believing it to be a reactionary move by the French authorities against the high-handedness of the Pakistani State. Can you please answer these questions for me?”. Joe Biden, meanwhile, has said in a statement earlier that Donald Trump should not be declaring the results of the elections. Her father is a retired bloke development officer. Samiya Arzoo’s height is 5.5 foot or 1.67 in a meter.

Actually, I am doing a story that Indian Anchors like Arnab Goswami, they call you guys to Indian shows and spread hatred or just bash on you like anything without any purpose.” He then proceeded to ask, “So I just want to know, do they pay you for that? Please contribute whatever you can afford. As she is born in India, Samia is an Indian national and have Indian identity as well. Moreover, the questions were asked to confirm their own biases rather than gain some understanding into the phenomenon. Despite working in few successful serials Rahat earned nationwide recognition with a superhit drama serial named Qurbatain Aur Faaslay. From England, Samya Arzoo completed her degree in aeronautical engineering. Well, Samya is a fitness lover who loves to maintain her body shape.


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