aquemini song meaning

When we got to town, we dropped my daughter off with his mother and went to the studio. And you know that's my hometown. He [told] us about his grandmother, how she played our music, and then that's how he connected with us.

He'd say, "You got some more effects?" "Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis, and others thought, 'Voting rights? On the protests against police brutality: Change is happening. Mr. DJ: The song started out with a sample of a lady just saying 'No, no, no, no.' Why don't you just rap then, since you have such an opinion.'. The very first record, “Return of the 'G,'” clears the air on the status of OutKast in ’98, straight up sonning any naysayer who questioned André’s, um, exuberant fashion choices or the group venturing from the criminal content of its debut on the adventuristic sophomore LP ATLiens. So that really kinda gave me a push and I think my songwriting abilities were pushed in that way. Mr. DJ: [Me and] Dre started learning how to produce together. )-time flow to close out the title track (arguably a top-5 ’Dré verse).

In an interview with Creative Loafing some years later, André 3000 spoke about the creation of “Return of the 'G'”: “With Big Boi standing by me I knew I had to address some of the shit 'cause I can't have my homeboy looking bad. When you rap and say anything kinda conscious, all the conscious people approach you. Me, Sleepy [Brown] and Cee-Lo were going to form an actual band called Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique.

Preston's a groove monster.

Dre silences those who "get the wrong impression of expression" with one of the hardest verses committed to tape.

Preston Crump: Dre wanted us to give it a reggae feel. Big Boi: That was the first time I had ever been in the booth with a nigga when he was rapping. That's the thing that I think people are not getting because if there was ever a time that we really needed to wake up and see or smell the coffee, the time is now. After they passed on the track, Big Boi and ’Dré hopped on it, recording the group’s biggest hit up to that point. Big Boi was like, 'Muthafucka you don't rap! As Samantha Smith recently discussed on her IG Live, this year's election is too important to sit out. On their message to the families of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor: Hold on and know that God has given you a people to let you know that there is hope, and peace, and comfort that comes from God.

"It is a small piece of a puzzle and just one of the tools in our toolbox that we must use as part of a larger effort to bring positive beneficial changes for all people. |, And the Atlanta Falcons could win the Super Bowl When asked about “Aquemini," Big Boi stated: 'Aquemini' was just the meshing of both worlds, with me being an Aquarius and him being a Gemini. That was one of my favorites.

I must commend our Black sisters and brothers who are definitely doing this protest because protesting actually allows us to have a voice. 1” for Born Sinner’s “LAnd of the Snakes.” Everyone from Lloyd (“Southside”) to Curren$y to Lupe Fiasco (“$Nitches”) to Jill Scott to Lil Wayne (“Right Above It”) have cut slithers from Aquemini—and that’s just what you can find in the credits. But to me, in my head, I was like it sounds cool.

Produced by Ray Murray and Rico Wade, the beat bangs without question. Donny [Mathis] played guitar, Preston [Crump] played bass and I think 4.0 was singing on it. I was just very, very obedient to what was moving and motivating me. Ray [Murray] killed it. Lyrics like, “Faith is what you make it” and “André, this is André, y'all are just gon' have to make amends,” showed that while Big Boi used his past as a compass for the future, André's faith in himself was all he would need. To categorize Aquemini as a specific type of rap album is damn near impossible, and it somehow manages to remain both far removed from and at the center of OutKast’s entire catalog. Big Boi: I took the beat home and I remember I was in my bedroom, and I was like, 'I got the hook!'

Like, "Hey man, I just ran into George Clinton."

(L-R) Dorinda Clark-Cole, Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark-Terrell, Jacky Clark-Chisholm, and Karen Clark Sheard of The Clark Sisters.

Dre was producing more, following the blueprint inherited from mentors Ray Murray, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize.

She's Erykah Badu.

As each of those albums strove to find something finite and specific, musically speaking, Aquemini never confined itself to such parameters. It was only on Aquemini, however, the group’s third album, that OutKast reached for something emotionally uncomfortable and challenging to the very notion of their immortality as a group. We got the same equipment and we were on the road traveling. The South was not being played up in New York at all at that time.

Rae was about to do his verse, and he was like, "C'mon god, get in the booth." They had some chords and I remember feeling like it sounded like War, so I tried to stay away from that.

However, “Aquemini” felt like an encapsulation of not only the way the rest of the album divided their separate perspectives but also of the eventual trajectory of OutKast; two individuals whom, once they stared into the crystal ball of the future, saw a path in hip-hop much different than the other. Neal H. Pogue: That was way before its time. But they really brought that song out, they really did. That's another song that I just really started to understand, including the George Clinton parts. But see, I was trying to be a rapper, so I put a rap to it instead of just talking. Instead, its greatest strengths lay in the timelessness of both its themes and sounds. Omar Phillips: The southwest side of ATL at that time just had an aura to it that people warmed up to. We had to kick people out of the studio so that we could have a real conversation.

I'm like, "Get in the booth with you?" And Mr. DJ was churning out some serious beats on the drum machine. He had a different swing to his beats; they were a little more stiff but they still hit. Andre 3000, Big Boi and cast look back on a classic, With additional reporting by Jacinta Howard and Phillip Mlynar, Man, first they were some pimps. Could the Civil Rights icon be a metaphor for OutKast's attempt to overcome the regional segregation within hip-hop itself? The duality of accepting the person you are becoming and perpetually reverting back to the person you always were; the two conflicting faces of one of rap’s greatest Geminis. The horn section on "SpottieOttieDopaliscious" was Hornz Unlimited.

And if you start with 'Y'all Scared' you're going to get graded on everybody else who is on that song. Preston Crump (bass player): Dre was very experimental. Like I always wonder what's the last song recorded in the world going to sound like? You look at these albums as time capsules, so when people go back and listen to them they can hear what you were going through.

I knew a lotta people felt like Southernplayalistic was some of our hardest work and they felt like we strayed from that. John Kennedy. Corrections: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referenced the location of the seminal bus boycott Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks sparked by refusing to move to the back of the bus for a white passenger. 'Cause I get that feeling like when I used to go to church and people would start to jumping and acting crazy - at least the churches I went to - and when I get that feeling, that's when I know God is in the house. Then they be talkin' 'bout that black righteous space. They are the albums that paint the world as flawed and chaotic, leaving us with ideas and concepts we may not be able to reconcile with on an initial listen.

But you also get introduced to a lot of fake phony ass people, and I addressed it in the song. Just that whole idea of shaking something off, the idea of being specific about it and making it a little more serious - specifically the load - y'know, "shake that load off."


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