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That’s probably the most creative one I’ve heard so far.

“The Forum is not that big, in terms of where we want to be.

I don’t want to be the champion of the Tunbridge Wells Pitcher & Piano crew,” he laughs, openly admitting the band’s middle-class upbringings while steering far clear from a ‘posh kids have it so hard’ narrative, “but there’s a lot of truth in it.”. Plant them now, the band say, and they’ll bloom in spring upon the record’s release.

“He wears a Union Jack, he wants to take us all back / He wants to talk about the war, the way he’s going on you’d think he’d fought them off alone,” he sings over rousing indie-rock, stopping only to be accosted by a particularly troublesome wedding guest.

I’m glad to hear that you’re able to stay busy, tie up some loose ends, and get to recording some music that you want to record. “I hate every minute of being in the studio, I find it painfully dull, but performing is incredible – riling up a crowd for an hour,” he says. Minnesota Music It doesn’t have to be a skull, or a child smoking – it could be Ashton Kutcher. Even just our U.S. tour…that’s the sound guy, the driver, the manager, all these people that haven’t got work for the next three months because of it. It doesn’t have to be a raven, or a grave, or Dublin in the rain. However, by the 20th century, some sports teams and their associated leagues became extremely valuable with net worth in the millions.

I think guitar music gets like that quite often. Even Kutcher, about a guy who’s frustrated with his haircut, is quite an empathetic portrayal.”.

They are an endearing group, frequently bursting into laughter around the pub table, and weren’t always enamoured of their moodier London peers. Sports Team at Thekla, Bristol. We’re alright. Sports Team are a six-piece post-punk band from London.

Yet Sports Team’s complicated, sometimes contradictory character portraits are a noble, or perhaps naive attempt to avoid the factionalism of modern society and politics. “Thank you for helping to remind us that it’s cool to be in a band,” it reads. Find out where to watch livestreamed concerts. We had SXSW cancelled in the calendar, and a wider tour with Bombay Bicycle Club that I’m not sure will go ahead. “If you’re genuinely ambitious about it, Forum isn’t even close. Hang on, you’re sitting in a pub saying you’re channelling Betjeman!

Sports slogans provide inspiration, identity, and motivation. I mean it’s nice to be here in Caldwell to actually take some time to get ahead.

Listen Live. As with almost all of the 12-date tour, the Bristol show has been sold out for weeks. While seeming like outrageous and even foolish bookings when they went on sale (the band consistently joined in the japes, such is their relentless and refreshing self-awareness), both gigs sold out and became joyous, life-affirming affairs.

I think it’s quite a two way relationship.

Sooo…nothing about the photo you used for this article indicates social distancing. RUSH TODAY >>> It’s incredibly wealthy craft-ale fans. those people haven’t had a voice in so long” – Alex Rice, Sports Team, “Everyone thinks you need to act like a down-trodden band,” he states. “If you’re a kid from Tunbridge Wells and you’re going to Pitcher and Piano on a Thursday, where’s the music for you? I think we are. They’ve also acted as an antidote for those young guitar music fans whose fires weren’t lit by the emergence of the furious post-punk of Fontaines D.C., IDLES and the like over the last year. “He took his job seriously, but it was intense.” Musically, the band bonded over bands such as Pavement. We’re trying to make the best of it. They do want to feel a part of the gang, but you shouldn’t be too accessible.”.

One of their first songs, Stanton, was about the fire warden at their Cambridge college. We’re quite lucky as well because this is a way we can engage with our fans. “Uhh, no,” Rob laughs in response.

“There was a sense of frustration at the social contract: you graduate, you get this job, and you’re supposed to feel fulfilled and happy,” says the drummer, Al Greenwood. It could be Thorpe Park on a Wednesday.”, “Dublin in the rain” is, of course, a lyric by the Joyce-inspired band Fontaines DC, but Knaggs says they all love them, and Rice agrees: “There’ll always be a place for post-punk, but no one’s doing anything that new in it. The last album we’d recorded in between touring periods.

But there was a sense that there must be something more. Yeah, it’s been huge.

Lots of people won’t have empathy with middle England right now, of course – but it’s just as much a part of Britain as anything and, as Rice says: “It would be far more dangerous if we turned up in flat caps and started doing northern accents, and you’ve seen plenty of bands doing that.” For once, he doesn’t name them. Every day. “Ah damn, we’ve lost that intimacy now we’re at Rock In Rio…” Alex chortles in response.

“And yet everyone has your number on a WhatsApp group,” says the bassist, Oli Dewdney, after a perfect comic beat. I loved meeting you guys the last time we were in Minneapolis briefly at the little gig we did. It’s very social media based.

You want something that romanticises the world around you and makes you feel better about it.” Knaggs’ heroes are John Betjeman, Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan; his songs, about fishing, Wetherspoons, flip phones and the M5, similarly find uplifting poetry in the everyday. The well-travelled story of the frontman legitimately trying to book Wembley Arena for 2021, while the band only had one EP out in the world, stands testament to that. Since releasing their debut EP ‘Winter Nets’ at the start of 2018, the band have emerged as one of the most fun, rabble-rousing live bands in Britain.

They’re like: ‘Oh, we’re poets, we got our lyrics by sitting in a pub and channelling James Joyce.’”. It … A lot of friends are very successful, but very few of them say they are happy.”. We’re going to get our fans to go live with us, and invite people on in various rounds. They sold out London’s Scala with – as they gleefully reveal – less Twitter followers than the venue’s capacity, before going above and beyond again at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in March. Minnesota Public Radio - 89.3 The Current. Basically, they like to toot their own horn and they’ve earned the right to do so. Before the gig, keyboardist Ben Mack gets stopped by a fan who hands him a demo CD, with a message written on the back.

If anyone gets a slight ego on them, it’s very quickly dealt with.”. Confessing to his sneaky role at Emmanuel College before life as an indie star, Alex told GP: ‘To be honest, I was amazed I got away with it for so long.’ Originally scheduled to play at The Current + eventbrite Music Day Party at SXSW, their plans were cancelled, similarly to those of many musicians all over the world. Credit: Jamie MacMillan, They also sit deliberately apart from those talking about a ‘resurgence’ of the genre; they, and their quickly growing legions of fans, never stopped listening to these kinds of bands, and their decision to write Pavement-esque indie-rock when they formed at Cambridge University was a necessity rather than a choice. They’re going to be sitting at home looking for things to watch and things like that. These are the middle-class kids who might have turned to rap, but now have, in Sports Team, a band singing about their lives. Bradford bassline and ketamine-charged punk – 50 new artists for 2020, Sports Team: the indie stars romanticising middle England, Sports Team: ‘Part of having a sense of identity as a band is saying: this is what we’re not.’, iven the general absence of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, bands tend to run away from middle England. Their debut album comes out this spring. Photograph: Lorne Thomson/Redferns Rice agrees: “We really enjoyed Cambridge, going to lectures, thinking about things. Frontman Alex Rice hopped on the phone with Morning Show host Jill Riley to talk about how the band are staying busy and how social distancing is impacting the music industry. We’re in Cordwell at the moment, shacked up in very rural England. Listen Live, Acoustic, Americana and Roots I think it can be really tough, and hopefully the government takes some pretty serious measures. “We’ll do that, then Brixton, Ally Pally and then The O2,” he lays out without flinching. We appreciate you checking in and please stay well, stay healthy, and we hope that you can come back to the U.S. We hope so too. I think that’s probably still true,” Rob Knaggs – guitarist, songwriter and Alex’s right-hand man – says. “We used to say in our interviews a lot that all our mates don’t like our band, and that no-one likes guitar music. That could be your memento mori, that incredible poetic image. All the stuff we’re seeing from our fans is keeping us going as well. Though staged in this instance, a similar level of chaos has become the norm for Sports Team in their two-year existence so far. Historically, sports teams and the people who play sports have been amateurs. The next over-the-top graduation comes this week at the Forum (December 5), which is also creeping towards a sell-out. SPORTS TEAM’S Alex Rice admits he was lucky to be let off the hook while studying at Cambridge after he was busted selling angling passes at a 400-year-old koi carp pond to tourists. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. “It doesn’t have to be a wilted rose to have some great significance – it could be a Motorola. “I really like roundabouts, Britain in Bloom competitions, local parish newsletters,” he says.

“We’re not doing it because it’s a stylish thing to do.”. But for Rob Knaggs, the songwriter with. “Loads of great music comes out of dull, middle-class suburbia,” Alex continues, before beginning to speak in the kind of tribal terms that used to define British guitar music, and that make Sports Team such a polarising prospect. Behind all this, the six-piece act as the wedding band, belting out their new single ‘The Races’, in which frontman Alex Rice interrogates the character of your racist uncle over Christmas dinner. “Our audience is bored, suburban kids a lot of the time, which I think is different from [those bands’] crowd,” Alex tells NME during a cigarette break in between wedding-based carnage. It’s rather refreshing to have them indulge in the kind of sniping that once powered petty intra-scene dramas in the NME – Shame have been another target of their light-hearted beef. “People want something that feels a bit heroic on stage.

Set in a wedding scenario, what starts as a fine British day ends up closer to an EastEnders episode, with a fist fight, vomiting bridesmaids and a destroyed wedding cake. “We all bring each other down anyway. About Dancer who gained fame as a member of dance crews such as lilBEASTS and immaBEAST and went on to compete on season two of World of Dance.. While things are on pause in the music industry, are you feeling inspired? Alex Rice: It’s okay.

All day. “We had this experience of life being quite mundane,” says the frontman, Alex Rice, whose bandmates grew up in Cheshire, Kent and Leeds. So to make their shows seem like “anything but a guitar music gig”, they invented Poundband, a club night with £1 entry that would feature sideshows such as their keyboardist, Ben Mack, doing, by his own admission, “freestyle rapping over eskibeats”. © 2020 Minnesota Public Radio. “It’s a snakepit,” bassist Oli Dewdney winces. Don’t neglect this chance and try to react quickly. Do they think this is a positive thing, to keep their egos in check?

“[Indie magazines] DIY and Dork, they have to call every band the greatest band in the world because they rely on social media shares, and we just got a bit sick of it,” Rice says. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. “Sometimes you’ll open your phone and there’ll be 2,000 messages, and they’re all bickering for 45 minutes about vegetable crisps,” Knaggs says. Rice says “we’re all pretty Labour”, but “not tribal ... that Idles record, just coming out with a ‘fuck Boris’ attitude, it’s the tritest, cheapest form of politics.


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