alex lerner husband

I hope they find if not a cure, early detection. That is what l always tell women about always trying 2 sound all cute he is my best friend n we see him treating his WIFE like a ROOMMATE. He told the entire story himself. Get him and his side piece up out of there and change the locks.
We took turns taking care of my mother, who needed 24 hour care, and everyone was burned out. Despite his daughter from a previous relationship moving in to help him care for Smith and his daughter coming to his defense, Gasby’s intentions as a caregiver were questioned. What he's doing is a form of elder abuse. No regrets. I know the not everyone has the same interpretation of vows, but I assume that to be with your spouse in sickness and in health entails faithfulness. Aunt? This woman I know ended up in the hospital and needed a wheelchair to get around...her husband went out and bought a SPORTS car!! What s upsetting is the abuse of the sick and helpless. DEEP. If B. Smith was in her right mind, I bet you wouldn't find the side heaux nowhere in the vicinity of that house. of course not she is only thinking about the end game she has her eyes on the prize, and looking at her ex the new guy is nothing but a Sugar Daddy because he is no way in comparison to the ex he is much younger and more attractive than his old arse! And just the thought of him doing something of this manner got me wanting to call and cuss him smooth OUT lmao. please make it simpler for me to understand. But, she is currently maintaining a love relationship with Dan Gasby whom she met at a bar in 2017.

The men were emasculated , killed tortured etc in front of their families. Damn shame that the end of the day she's disrespected. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. If you didn't want public conversation about your personal fckry don't put it out there. The Independent Senate Candidate from Maine. He’s also certified in pediatric first aid and has management experience at iPark. They were also reportedly dating, but Lerner broke up with Coaxum after he was involved in an assault. Cuz if you that lonely I would need u to just let me go and go ahead on about your business. I think that once the YT woman saw his actual situation....she dug her heels in....she figures it is only a matter of time for B.Smith....then once she passes, YT woman can move from the guest room to the master and take over....its sad...but yep...its happening. What matters is this woman's dignity which they are disregarding like a filthy menstrual cloth. I see having another woman is an issue if he is still married, unless he and his wife had an agreement that if one could no longer perform their duties then the other could step out.


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