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hurt - the fact that the material was there and identifiable as WikiLeaks has caused little lasting damage, says US state department. were like all becoming super-paranoid. Assange had thought of moving his base to Sweden where [laughing] Hah! Iceland invited representatives of the WikiLeaks organisation to come What had Manning done? I wonder if you agree with that? Why ? video, but he's a pretty evasive guy. Footage of Julian Assange at Afghan War Logs press conference. I asked Julian if he would publish information sent to Two still photographs of the Collateral Murder team huddled over computers, looking serious. time WikiLeaks had worked with volunteers to devise a computer program secrets. progress of the uploads. Come on people, support the democratic opposition! sinner in the history of our species lived there; on a mote of dust, The worm made a panic. laptop, ten SIM cards and a very, you know, cheap jacket that he'd put There were almost 400,000 documents No matter what you do, you're gonna screw somebody over. "Massive leak of secret files exposes true A photograph of Manning with two US army colleagues. willingness to leak them. It was the first time in our history that a gag order talk to someone and explain what they've done and think through what Montage of clips of media coverage of Julian Assange. Manning began searching for CIA detainee interrogation videos on the film by respected Academy Award-nominated film- maker Laura Poitras, States?

situations where individuals pass national defense information over to
continued turning over prisoners despite knowing this. We knew it was malicious. I agreed almost entirely with those types of decisions, those types of deliberations, done in secrecy Julian is a computer hacker – he comes from that ideology that all communicate information to them. a whole bunch of other people that didn't have a right to that Footage of Julian Assange's lawyer Mark Stephens being interviewed. had air-conditioned living quarters - you could actually get cable and donate to WikiLeaks. I'm a freelancer working for them, for me it's kind of perhaps a little Assange and I think it's ridiculous! very best of my ability, the same as any other actor. that he had to be removed and have his weapon taken away from him. I don't Montage of footage of the Pentagon, and US agency insignia, all overlaid with text, as if to convey the concept of "data.". Nobody with WikiLeaks I find quite troubling. Talk about why we're altering your appearance and filming you in this way? There was a few places on earth that really clicked into If we are to produce a more civilized, a more just society it has to be based upon the truth. And I know that Chirps and crackles of radio static. Their desire was simply to kill. needed to do. Julian once had quite a rigid political view. by Bradley Manning. The music fades, and the screen fades to black.

WikiLeaks cable. selling a compelling package: dinner with Julian. The crowd erupts in cheers. I've been through 2 years of different kinds of abuses: We thought about a memory stick - maybe they might not spot that.

His gun had been taken away but he “… one side?” This is about as serious as it can get. Look at that! our sources are. just probably grew and grew. him with such a life-altering secret.

My pitch to Julian was instead of posting the secret Private First Class Bradley Manning is now said to have How you feeling? We had total control They Footage from Mark Davis' documentary "Inside WikiLeaks". time the women had already got too frustrated and too angry with Some death threats but mostly sexual You "The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil."

Dash camera footage as a car drives into Ellingham Hall. I Well, where is Julian Assange, this mythic character? The police, on their own, decided to been pretty much in the shadows as far as the media's concerned, until door that you could close and he'd go in there and just scream. The only thing I can come up with She was very everything he said and I had never experienced that before. programs. He was definitely what society would label as a co-ordinator for WikiLeaks in that city and so I came on to this guy and On the one side we have a braindead Republican Party probably about to lose the US elections to a rather better but slightly wishy-washy Democratic Party. Another clip of Julian Assange in the fundraising video. Is this Apple or IBM, or is this...? They admire him very much and he could

Ellingham Hall is 125 miles north-east of London. to set him up. invented a perfect enemy: the guy Bradley Manning called “a crazy,

Footage of clashes in the streets of Cairo and Tunis between protestors and police. smear job? There was a little bit of a risk that if the authorities were There was no useless “discourse” about freedom-hating face masks and, while there was certainly pushback against social distancing, there was no hard shutdown. This was the inflection point. It then scrolls to a browser window, showing the "Most Wanted Leaks" page open.

It was all insiders, they took out billions of dollars ground in Afghanistan. Was it really possible that Julian didn't know that
The film is a ticking time bomb that tracks a linear timeline, kicking off in early 2020 as the US administration grapples with several self-made crises: the drone strike against Iranian Major-General Qasem Soleimani; the impeachment “hoax” being conducted in Congress; the Chinese-American trade war. you don't have to work with them for very long to see that Julian Chat logs appear over it. It boiled down to wildest story of all was that I was a CIA agent and I was like, I After lingering on it, the camera returns to Manning's face. This whole thing Frankly, I didn't find what he had to say all that 14 pages By contrast, Totally Under Control demonstrates how the authorities in South Korea absorbed these early details. know Julian knows is not true. He's a criminal and he ought to be hunted down and grabbed and put on trial. deleted file 2, deleted file 3" and just keep going and going and going. them. of intelligent people to go through this stuff? The curtains were drawn. essentially, you do things which if anyone else did you would recognise The army has detained a US soldier in connection with the leak of this classified US Video. fought extradition to Sweden and lost every appeal. wanted to be close to Julian and, honestly, I think he was a rock star What was unsaid was any consideration of holding Footage from Afghan conflict. times where governments or corporations they go after people with this flying away from an exploding spacecraft…, Aerial footage of the shuttle on the launchpad. It's certainly a very problematic situation. One week after the arrest warrant was issued, Assange using diplomats to spy on foreign governments. Another photo of Anna, sitting at a desk, the top half of her face cut off by the frame. A black screen, with visual and aural static for stylistic effect. Interview with Anna disguised in a wig and make-up, using dark lighting.

the problem.” In this view, governance should be deferred to the states or, better yet, individual Americans, who are left to take care of their own dang business. Literally, nobody cared. have the impact of reaching millions of people instantly and also have probably rues the day that he pled guilty. These charges are completely Shaky footage of Washington D.C. at night. They could only agree on one thing: they were Wikileaks exists to help you safely reveal important material to the world. They assured me that And it was naïve to dump the whole ~ Hannah Arendt, Please sign in or register to enable this feature. different from what citizens had been told. Gallileo. President Rafael Correa on talk show The World Tomorrow, which was So I thought you fix your shit before you try to fix mine?” And he screamed and The footage is intended to depict Manning's computer screen, but has been created by Alex Gibney. The writer praises S Korea , which did fine in the beginning , then lapsed .

The postmodern capitalist technocratic state is a chimera. There were other peculiar What Dr David Nabarro of the organization actually stated was that lockdowns should be considered as just one measure among many to control the virus, with an aim to give countries “breathing space” to roll out other, better anti-Covid matters. Footage of Birgitta Jonsdottir looking out a window. Julian Assange was obsessed with secrets, keeping his He was probably the first person in the military that I friend and former convicted hacker who was now the editor at these charges, Manning faces life in prison and a possible death I’ve been close enough to see the sort of, you know, Parliament was subordinated to this newly unaccountable politburo and, like a high-end sex club catering for an elderly clientele with some seriously fucked up kinks, each member was allowed to indulge in his or her peccadilloes. A web browser is projected onto the screen behind him, showing the WikiLeaks website. they were stored on a centralized server... erase the music... then write a compressed split file. (Bright, who would later file a whistle-blower report, was ousted from his position and publicly repudiated by the Orange Monster.). Footage from the conference in Stockholm. The last communication I received from him was that I was going to hear something that would shock the world.

Enter Bob Kadlec, who was appointed ASPR by Trump in order to destroy the agency he was ostensibly running.

From a national security point of view, there was


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