aisha hadith quotes
The people said, "She has already performed Tawaf-al-Ifada." Said Yahya, a sub-narrator, "She used to be busy serving the Prophet. They shouted, "O occupants of the tent! I was a girl of nine.’", Ibn Kathir, The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya), Volume II, translated by professor Trevor Le Gassick, reviewed by Dr. Muneer Fareed [Garnet Publishing Limited, 8 Southern Court, south Street Reading RG1 4QS, UK; The Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, first paper edition, 2000], pp. Although the engagement took place while Aisha was six or seven, they were only married around three years later, shortly after she migrated to Medina, by which time she had reached puberty. Khawlah was the wife of `Uthmaan ibn Math`oon, both of them being among the first persons to embrace Islam. Also women during that time reached maturity relatively quickly – psychologically, emotionally and physically – due to their upbringing and surroundings. When Abu Bakr came, Khawlah repeated what she had said. the prayer) might be enjoined on you, stopped me from coming to you." The Prophet (p.b.u.h) recited (the Quran) aloud during the eclipse prayer and when he had finished the eclipse prayer he said the Takbir and bowed. Allah's Messenger (mav peace be upon him) laughed and said: They are around me as you see, asking for extra money. Allah's Apostle offered Witr prayer at different nights at various hours extending (from the 'Isha' prayer) up to the last hour of the night. the world list such behavior as a crime total drams are more than 800+ I still remember many many dreams. ('Urwa said that 'Aisha said, "I saw the Prophet and the Ethiopians were playing with their spears. ", Allah's Apostle (SAW) used to invoke Allah in the prayer saying, "O Allah, I seek refuge with you from all sins, and from being in debt." Aisha said: “The Prophet’s SAW wives sent Fatimah, the Prophet’s SAW daughter to him. Hadn't I brought the Hadi (animal for sacrificing) (with me), I would have assumed Ihram for Umra." Firstly I want to be say u qasim sir …that I m from india my name is saba …….. And I just want to say u that our prophet pbuh never say son to anyone ….bcz ALLAAH ne unka martabaaa sabse alag rakha h ALLAAH farmaata h ki nabi pbuh ki sunnat ko follow kro aur dusri baat nabi pbuh kisi k father nhi h hum Adam as ko Abba keh skte h bt not prophet Muhammad pbuh ….unhe nhi ….apki poori dreams ki lines me kuch jagah aapne likha h ki prophet Muhammad pbuh said u son ….hence this is totally wrong… ha Aisha RA , khadija RA jitni b prophet Muhammad pbuh ki wife’s h in sab ko ma kaha darjaah dena h hum pr ye wajib h bt huzur pur noor saw ko father ka darjaah nhi h …..plz rember this fact aur rahi baat aapki khwaab ki to khwaab me kahin b aisi baat nhi h jisse ye yaqeen kre ki ALLAAH SWT and huzur pbuh aapk khwaab me aaye bcz aapne sirf ye btaya h ki ALLAAH ne bola h 3 baar surah ikhlaas padho mashahallah ye sab jante h aur ha mai jaanti hu ki gaib ki chosen ALLAAH apko nhi btaenge bcz u r not a messenger bt an ummati …okk pr this is wrong aisa nhi h air ho skta h shayad u r right …bt wo son wali baat galat h ….aur baad baaki to hidaayat ALLAAH deta h …hum kya chiz h, App apne liye zyada se zyada duaa kijiye duaa e istikhara kiya kijiye dekhiye is se apko hoga fayda…… In shaa ALLAAH ….ALLAAH apko aur home hidaayat aata farmaye AAMEEN summa ammeen.


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