a workspace already exists for the specified user

If some are on SP1 and others not, can you see a pattern from that? Open Visual Studio 2008 (it automatically creates a workspace if one doesn't exist)2. In answer to Bill's earlier question, yes, I mean the issue repros on more than one machine. Delete the user and create a new user. The user in question is a deleted user from years ago. The above linked post tells you not to modify the database and it's not supported. When trying to create, rename, or restore a user in the Admin console, you might receive the error message "Username already exists." If an alias is using the desired name, go to, If you renamed the existing user in the previous step, go to. I hope this helps someone else out, but your mileage may vary and don't blame me if things get messed up. I presume we also need to update some SIDs in tbl_security_identity_cache and create new rows in tbl_Identities, but I don't know what to do exactly. Close Visual Studio 20083. Type the name you're trying to create, rename, or restore in the search box at the top of the Admin console and click the Search icon. I have tried on 2 additional machines, neither of which I had ever logged into previously so there really couldn't have been any cached credentials. I've solved my own issue. Hope this works for you! when we open Visual Studio and nothing is visible in Source Control Explorer. If there's a stored credential in your computer to connect to TFS, please remove it. This typically occurs for one of the following reasons. One more clue to the puzzle; everyone who has this problem has a number appended to their username in the workspace like this:  [domain]\[username]:29 and not everyone using TFS experiences this fun, only 3 out of 15 or so. is that the user exists in the MSCRM_CONFIG SystemUserAuthentication and SystemUserOrganizations tables as well as in the AD group but not in the OrgName_MSCRM database  so when it attempts to add her, it thinks she already exists. My question: if I find the users SID and delete the records from SystemUserAuthentication and SystemUserOrganizations tables, will it let me add her? I then took that SID and found their CRM User ID by querying the SystemUserAuthentication table (based on  the query in the MS CRM UK Dynamics Support Team Blog post I linked above in my original post with my problem). So we ran the 2005 version to first list the workspaces and then again with the /remove switch to delete it. Does anyone have any other ideas? That was bad... Are you running TFS SP1 on the TFS Server and VS 2008 SP1 on the clients? :). One more clue to the puzzle; everyone who has this problem has a number appended to their username in the workspace like this:  [domain]\[username]:29 and not everyone using TFS experiences this fun, only 3 out of 15 or so.We have tried clearing user cache, emptying the VersionControl.config file, deleting all workspaces for my account, removing and reinstalling Visual Studio and the Team Foundation Explorer, and running Visual Studio from someone else's machine who has not been having the problem all to no avail. We're down to sacrificing a goat or two at this point. All rights reserved. Team Foundation Server - Source and Version Control. We've had similar issues which were resolved using the tf.exe workspaces command. Click on the name of the user or group that currently uses this name.

“The Specified User already exists” >>In the AD Users and Computers we were not able to “Find” any such account in the entire directory as the disabled accounts existed in a Non Built-in container. "The specified Active Directory user already exists as a CRM user" "You are attempting to create a user with a domain logon that is already used by another user… Resolution: assuming FQDN= abc.xyz.ad >>We took the LDIFDE dump for the entire domain partition using the command: Jennifer, thanks for the clue, it looks like a caching problem for me, because what you see is the cache key for that workspace. When signing up, this message is displayed - "A user with the specified ID already exists. When I view the users in the tbl_Identities this user is marked as deleted! If you then try to restore the deleted user, you'll see the message.


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